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Bing ChatGPT: How to use Microsoft’s own version of Chatbot



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The new Bing ChatGPT utilizes OpenAI’s large language model, the same used in ChatGPT. Which has raised questions regarding the features and capabilities of the AI chatbot. Microsoft even described Bing Chat as “More powerful than ChatGPT.” 

The new bing has introduced several new features to the chatbot, such as Voice, Compose, and Insight feature availability at the sidebar.

Availability of Bing apps in Android, iPhone, and even Skype, which makes it different from ChatGPT.

In this article, we will be mentioning how to use Microsoft’s own version of Bing ChatGPT How much it costs, whether it is the same as ChatGPT, and more. 

Bing ChatGPT: How to use Microsoft's own version of Chatbot

How to access Bing ChatGPT

You can access Bing chat by visiting the official website via this link But users need to download the new version of Microsoft Edge to access Bing Chat.

You need to select “Download Microsoft Edge” when asked about choosing a platform you are using. The new browser will begin its installation process. 

Once you downloaded the latest Microsoft Edge on your desktop, you can use Bing Chat via two different methods.

On Edge browser, navigate to and tap on “Chat” or you can access Bing Chat by hovering through the “Discover” button on the right sidebar named “Edge Copilot.” 

How to use Bing ChatGPT on your phone

To use Bing ChatGPT on your smartphone, you need to open PlayStore/Appstore on your smartphone. Search for Microsoft Bing and install the App. Open the app, log in using your Microsoft account, and start using it.

At the bottom, you find the Bing icon, tap on it and it will invoke a chat session, through which you can engage with Bing similar to the desktop version. 

You can now generate content, ask questions, chat, and more. You can even select how you want your responses to be generated like whether you want answers in bullet points, texts, or simplified answers.

How does Bing ChatGPT work?

Bing Chat somewhat works quite similarly to ChatGPT. Bing is powered by the next-generation version of OpenAI’s large language model.

This AI chatbot can generate in-detailed human-like responses that are accurate and useful. Users can utilize this AI chatbot for generating content, writing stories, asking questions, and more. 

The new bing has also introduced a new voice feature that allows users to ask questions and generate commands using their voice.

You can tap on the microphone button on your smartphone or desktop, adding versatility to asking questions and receiving answers. Bing contains three tabs in the sidebar: Chat, Compose, and Insight option. 

The chat tab basically allows users to interact and ask questions to the chatbot through this tab on the web. Compose tab generates content with several formats, lengths, and tones. Here are some of the options available in compose section: 

  • Tones: Professional, funny, casual, informative  
  • Length: Short, Medium, or long 
  • Format: Blog post, Email, Paragraph, or Ideas 

Based on the length, format, and tone selected by the user Bing will generate responses. 

The insight tab helps generate search insight on the content you are searching for right now. If you are online shopping, it will generate several reviews on the product you are searching for and provide more information about those products. 

How much does Bing ChatGPT cost?

For now, Microsoft hasn’t announced any information regarding the charges for Bing’s new features. Although, Microsoft did state the ads were a part of the experience from the beginning without any charges for now.

‘Unhinged’ Bing Chat responses

Bing Chat is a great AI chatbot, however, it contains a few drawbacks as well. After Bing was released, various screenshots were posted by users regarding unhinged responses generated by AI.

The responses made by Bing were Aggressive, angry, and offensive. 

Microsoft responded to this by increasing its conversation limit within Bing Chat. Prior to the unhinged responses, users could ask about 50 questions a day, which increased to 15 questions every session which makes it about 150 questions a day.

Also, Bing Chat even contains a switch that helps users toggle between precise, creative response and fact-driven responses. 

Is Bing Chat the same as ChatGPT?

The new Bing Chat is described as a next-generation OpenAI large language model, which is way more progressive than OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

The primary goal of Bing is to integrate with the Bing search. Therefore, there are different considerations when it comes to features. 

Bing is connected to the internet and can provide up-to-date details and information on current news. Meanwhile, ChatGPT doesn’t have access to the internet and therefore can’t provide details and news about recent events.

There were also rumors that Bing Chat is utilizing GPT-4, the latest language model launched by OpenAI. Which was confirmed by Microsoft after the public launch of GPT-4. 

Also, Bing is currently available on more platforms such as Android, IOS, Skype, and more compared to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Therefore, we can say Bing and ChatGPT are not the same as they do contain differences, but they aren’t completely different as well since both contain capabilities of generating the content, solving complex questions, having conversations, and more.  

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