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Vidnoz AI is a Free AI Video Generator that allows users to generate stunning Videos using realistic AI Avatars and voiceovers. 

About Vidnoz AI

Vidnoz AI is an impressive AI tool that allows users to create engaging AI videos in a few seconds. With this tool, users can create amazing AI videos from PDFs, PPTs, URLs, Media assets, Documents, and much more.

Vidnoz AI contains 100+ realistic AI avatars with voiceovers and gestures that can help you generate realistic-looking AI videos with perfect lip-syncing AI voiceovers that can perfectly match your script. 

To use Vidnoz AI, users need to simply select their desired AI Avatar or upload an image of their desired Avatar, input their texts, and select the language and voice-over of the video.

Within a few seconds, Vidnoz AI will analyze your texts and generate stunning AI videos with your AI Avatar lip-syncing the texts. This tool also supports a wide range of languages across the world to ensure users are able to generate their desired video in their native language. 

Vidnoz AI Key Features

1. Realistic AI Talking Photo:

Vidnoz AI allows users to create realistic-looking lip-syncing videos by inputting texts for your speech with a couple of clicks. It is capable of converting text-to-speech easily, and then instantly detecting the audio selected by the users and transforming those written texts into realistic lip-syncing. 

2. Multiple language options:

Vidnoz AI contains a wide range of language options for your speech including English (US), Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish, German, English (UK), and more. 

3. Customizable Avatars & Voiceovers:

This tool contains a wide range of avatar options such as Einstein, Mona Lisa, and more with customizable background options. Apart from this, users can also create a customized avatar for themselves by entering a short prompt about their desired AI avatar and choosing its gender.

Vidnoz AI also provides a wide range of voiceover options for both Male and Female voices that users can access by subscribing to the Pro version. Users can localize their speech around the world. 

4. Free to Generate, Download, and Share:

This tool allows users to generate talking avatar videos of human presenters for free. Once you have created your video, users can download it as an MP4 file and share it with their audience effortlessly on e-learning, communication, sales, and much more.

Vidnoz AI Use Cases 

1. Business:

This powerful talking photo AI tool can be utilized by businesses and companies to create a unique speaking portrait video for promoting their brand, products, services, and much more.

This is a perfect way to introduce a new product in the market and attract a new audience. Users can also use the talking avatar for training, onboarding, or internal communications among the corporate. 

2. Education:

Another excellent use case of Vidnoz AI is Education. Professors and faculty members can utilize this tool for transforming teaching materials such as book theories, solutions, and documents into videos making it easier and more fun for students to learn concepts.

This is a great way to increase efficiency and share lectures, presentations, and more across the university and locations to ensure no student misses out on anything.

3. Customer Support:

Vidnoz AI can also be utilized to provide enhanced customer support to its users by providing easy-to-understand solutions and answers on how to use a product and solve any queries raised by users.

It can easily provide useful problem-solving solutions and answers to customers on how to troubleshoot any issue with the help of talking head videos.

How to Use Vidnoz AI? 

Vidnoz AI is an impressive AI tool that allows users to create Talking Avatars using a few simple steps. Here is a guide on how to use Vidnoz AI: 

1. Start by visiting the official site of Vidnoz AI 

2. Click on “Login” and sign up through Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Microsoft or email and create your vidnoz account 

3. Once done, it’s time to create your Talking AI Avatar

4. Navigate to the “Choose an Avatar” option and select an available Avatar or click on “AI Generate” to access more avatar options

5. Under “AI Generate” users can access more avatar options or users can simply customize the avatar they want with simple prompts

6. For this, you need to select the gender of your avatar and a prompt describing your avatar choice For example, young, glasses, long hair…. and click on “Customize” 

7. Users can even upload their own image for Avatar generation by clicking on the “Upload” icon (You must upload a clear front face image) 

8. Next, you need to Input text for your speech 

9. Then, you have to select the language and an input voice from the available option 

10. Once done, you can click on the “Preview” option to check the video and once you are satisfied with the results click on “Generate Video” 

11. In a few seconds, Vidnoz AI will generate your Talking AI Avatar

Vidnoz AI Pricing

Vidnoz AI offers a free plan through which users can generate Talking videos at no cost. The free plan contains 35 Voices, 200+ Video Templates, 720P Export Resolution, and 100+ AI Avatars.

To access additional features users need to subscribe to its pro plan mentioned below: 

  • Starter Plan: The beginning price of the Starter plan is $19.99/month.  
  • Business Plan: The starting price of this plan is $74.99.
  • Enterprise: Users can also get a customized plan and users can schedule their demo.

Alternatives of Vidnoz AI (Free & Paid)

1. Wonder Studio

Wonder Studio is an excellent alternative to Vidnoz AI. This AI tool allows users to create realistic and expressive CG characters without the need for any coding or animation knowledge.

This tool is capable of animating, lighting, and composing CG characters in a live-action scene. Wonder Studio also contains an intuitive interface, through which users can easily access a variety of pre-made models or generate their own and use natural language to direct numerous actions. 

Pricing of Wonder Studio:

The monthly plans of Wonder Studio start at $19.99/month. 

2. Fliki

Fliki is an impressive text-to-video generating platform with AI-powered voices. This tool can transform your input texts into captivating videos within a few seconds.

Fliki utilizes cutting-edge technology to create your videos, complemented by real-sounding AI voices. The best part about this tool is that you don’t need any prior editing knowledge to access this tool thanks to its simple interface you can create engaging videos without any technical expertise. 

Pricing of Fliki: 

Fliki offers a free plan, while its paid plan begins at a cost of $21/month.

3. Kaiber

Kaiber is another excellent alternative to Vidnoz AI. Kaiber is a video-generating platform that allows users to generate amazing videos using simple texts and text inputs.

This tool offers a wide range of features such as Spotify canvas for musicians, content for digital creators, and more to allow users to truly express themselves on this platform and explore creativity. 

Pricing of Kaiber: 

Kaiber offers a free trial. It also offers an explorer plan available for $5/month, a Pro plan for committed creators available for $10/month, and an Artist plan costing $25/month. 


Is It Safe to Create a Talking Avatar Online?

Yes, Vidnoz AI is a safe and secure AI tool that allows users to create talking AI Avatars without any data leak, virus, or malware concerns.

Is It Legal to Create a Talking Avatar with a Real Human Photo?

The stock images provided by Vidnoz AI are accessible to everyone as they are royalty-free and are 100% legal for the generation of talking photo AI videos using those images. However, if you want to generate a talking AI video using your own images then you should ensure the image is not copyrighted and you have the consent. The best choice is to use your own image or selfie to make the talking AI video more personalized.

Can I Make a Talking Avatar Video on Mobile?

Certainly, users can generate their talking AI Avatar video on their mobile phones and PC. Users can access Vidonz AI on their smartphones using supported browsers such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Firefox and generate their Talking Avatar.

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