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An AI-based tool that generates and edits images based on the user prompts.

Visual ChatGPT

About Visual ChatGPT

Microsoft developed Visual ChatGPT as a ChatGPT alternative offering both textual and image outputs. The company has combined several Visual Foundation Models (VFMs) to develop an AI tool that can read textual input from its users and produce relevant images and text as output. VFMs help the model mimic the natural visual system of humans, starting from low-level to higher-level features. This way, the model can understand human commands and give appropriate results.

The model is trained with cutting-edge technologies to produce text in a human-like manner. It also evaluates pictures or videos uploaded to the platform and generates customized user responses.

In addition to image generation, Visual ChatGPT offers image modification like cropping elements, changing backgrounds, adding elements, etc.

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Visual ChatGPT Features

Microsoft’s Visual ChatGPT has various advanced features to compete with the existing AI models. Some of its top features include the following:

  • Visual ChatGPT can read and analyze images its users enter and generate relevant responses.
  • It offers image editing features like cropping, adding elements, etc.
  • It can produce images using text inputs and vice versa.
  • It can handle complex queries that have a series of prompts and generate the most accurate responses.

Visual ChatGPT Use Case – Real-World Applications

Visual ChatGPT can be used in different industries to generate or edit images. It can also be an alternative to existing image editing software like Photoshop, Snapseed, Lightroom, etc. Some real-world uses of Visual ChatGPT include the following:

  • Visual ChatGPT can be integrated into online websites to assist customers as a virtual assistant or chatbot.
  • It can be used to streamline e-commerce activities and business operations.
  • It can help social media influencers know current trends and if their styles match their followers’ interests.
  • Visual ChatGPT can be a virtual instructor to teach students or deliver online courses.
  • Doctors can use visual ChatGPT to provide remote treatment functionalities when patients cannot visit the hospital. It can also help in diagnosing the patient.
  • Photographers or content creators can use Visual ChatGPT to edit images and share them with others instantly.

Visual ChatGPT Pricing

Visual ChatGPT is available for free. You can use it to create or edit images without paying anything. It also allows users to download the images for free.


What is Visual ChatGPT used for?

Visual ChatGPT is an AI tool used to create images from textual prompts. The tool accepts user input, processes it using various VFMs and machine learning techniques, and generates relevant images. It can also edit images and provide feedback on the output.

How is Visual ChatGPT different from other image creators?

Unlike other AI image generators, visual ChatGPT can process and handle complex queries. It produces accurate results for all input types. It can also handle multiple processes simultaneously and give feedback on the uploaded or generated images.

Is Visual ChatGPT free?

Yes, Visual ChatGPT is a free platform. You can use it to generate and download images without paying a single penny!

Can I download Visual ChatGPT on mobile devices?

No, Visual ChatGPT is an online web application. It doesn’t have a mobile app for Android or iOS users, so you cannot download or install it. You have to use it online on your desktop or mobile phone.

Are Visual ChatGPT and ChatGPT the same?

Visual ChatGPT is not a product of or linked to ChatGPT in any manner. Microsoft developed Visual ChatGPT as an AI tool that creates images from textual input. Contrarily, Open AI developed ChatGPT as an AI chatbot that interacts with humans in a conversational tone.


Visual ChatGPT has various functionalities for photographers, artists, and content creators. It generates jaw-dropping images within a few seconds based on the given input. You can also edit the images by giving appropriate commands to the tool.

The model still lacks advanced functionalities. Some experts suggest that Visual ChatGPT requires a self-correcting module that guarantees that the responses generated by Visual ChatGPT meet human objectives. Such a module will allow Visual ChatGPT to produce more accurate information for the most complex queries. However, the platform is worth trying to create stunning images.

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