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Have you ever wondered if the image you are thinking in your mind is available on the screen? Is it possible? This miracle has been proved because of Mage Space.

Mage Space is one such AI tool that converts text to digital images, text-to-GIFs, and photorealistic art and content. This AI software has made it possible to convert text and it will automatically generate a realistic image of the same.

What is Mage Space?

Mage Space is an AI tool that converts text into images and text into a GIFS generator and it also produces photorealistic art and content. This platform was started back in 2019 and since then it has brought a revolution in this field. The only requirement to use this application is a creative mind.

The user can type any idea coming to his/her mind and this AI tool with a single click converts that text to an image.

This interface is not only limited to converting text to images however it offers 60 such distinct AI models. Another feature of this AI tool that makes this more user-friendly is its capability to increase the resolution of the image up to 2048*2048.

Features of Mage Space

  • 60 plus AI models:- one of the most important features of this AI tool that makes this distinct from others is that it offers more than 60 custom AI models which means it not only converts text to images but offers many more models such as text to GIFS generator.
  • GIF generator:- another feature that makes this application user-friendly is that it can also convert text into GIF and the user now don’t have to search for a particular GIF by scrolling up and down, now they have to simply type what kind of GIF they want, and their GIF is automatically generated.
  • Ensures safety:- Mage Space also ensures safety as it allows the user to navigate any NSFW content, either generated on the platform itself or on the website.
  • Large community:- It’s because of Mage Space’s widespread uses that this platform has created such a wide community where users can ask, learn, and share their experiences and also help other users if they encounter any difficulty.
  • Ensures Privacy:- this AI tool ensures that the privacy of the user is maintained as the users have the liberty to generate their private images and have control over their visibility.

How to use Mage Space?

Search for Mage space on your browser or click here.

Step 1:- Type the description of the image that you want to be converted into an image in the text bar present in the middle of the home screen.

Step 2:- Apart from writing text Mage Space offers to add images in reference to the text written to give more clearer description. 

Step 3:- Mage Space starts working on the same and generates the image based on the description given.

Step 4:- After the image is generated the mage Space offers many options to make edits in the image generated. Some of the options offered by the Mage Space are as follows:-

  • Copy-paste feature:- the image generated can be copied and pasted anywhere. Users get the direct URL and can paste it.
  • Download the image:- the other feature is that the user can download the image generated and also can add tags to their images.
  • Edit the image:- sometimes the user does not get the exact image and wishes to make some changes in the image, Mage Space offers three options for the same. These options are:-
  • Upscale + Face Fix:- It ensures clarity of image.
  • Upscale only:- it ensures higher image resolution
  • Upscale Pro:- it ensures the highest quality of the image.
  • View image dimensions:- another option is that the user can go deep into the image dimensions, the date on which the image was created, and many more.

Mage Space Pricing

  • The Free Experience:

Cost: Users will be glad to know that Mage Space is available free of cost. It means without paying any money you can convert your dreams into images.

Registration or Account Requirement: There is no requirement to create an account however after creating an account additional features.


  • No advertisement
  •  90 plus custom AI models,
  •  unlimited privacy 
  • Unlimited safety
  • 2000+ textual inversions
  • Optional safety filter
  • Pro Plan:

Cost: $15 per month


  •  Multiple active session
  • Increased step count
  • Create GIFS
  • Optional Safety Filter

Does mage space allow NSFW content?

Yes, Mage Space allows NSFW content. This feature makes this AI tool different from others as other text-to-image converter does not allow NSFW content.

Does mage space track you?

Yes, Mage Space can track you when required as it is clearly mentioned in the privacy policy of Mage Space. They may track your use of different websites etc.

Is Mage Space Anonymous?

Yes, Mage Space is anonymous. It converts personal data into anonymous data by removing the data that makes the user identifiable as written in the privacy policy of Mage Space.

Bottom Line

The Pro Plan offers a feature that gives a better experience to users. It offers advanced features to the users. Although starting with the free experience is fine but free experience sometimes creates images that are not related to the text typed. There is less accuracy in the content creation.

However, if the user wants to use this Mage Space to the fullest then they should opt for the pro plan as they will be able to edit the image with more clarity and enhanced resolution as many features get unlocked by taking the Pro Plan.

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