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What is PimEyes: Free Alternatives, How to Use



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Ever wished you were able to search images on the internet and find the actual sources of those images? Well, then PimEyes is the perfect tool for you.

PimEyes is a face search engine through which users can upload their images and find similar results within a few seconds. It can also provide the initial source of the provided images with a URL. In this article, we will talk about What is PimEyes: Free Alternatives, how to use PrimEyes, PimEyes pricing plans, and more. So, let’s begin. 

What is PimEyes?

PimEyes is a face search engine that allows users to upload an image and find where those images were published from. It is a quick and accurate face recognition site that can generate similar-looking images instantly. PimEyes utilizes technologies like face recognition to perform reverse image searches. 

This tool is an excellent way to audit copyright infringement. The fact finder in PimEyes helps users find a face instantly by dragging an image from their browser. Users can also upload an image by taking a picture through their camera. You find the face and check where the particular image appears online and gain its actual website.

This tool is fast and can generate results across the internet within a few seconds. Users can access this tool for a variety of reasons such as Face searching, auditing copyright infringement, finding the initial source of the image, and more. 

How to use PimEyes

To use PimEyes, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

1. Visit the official site of PimEyes using this URL 

2. Click on the “Upload a Photo” option to drag your photo or you can click on the “Camera” icon to click a photo

3. Once your photo is processed, you can add more photos for better results, choose a search time from the dropdown menu

4. You can also enable the safe search option to avoid any inappropriate or harmful images

5. Now, Click on “Start Search” 

6. Wait a few seconds and PimEyes will generate your results 

After this, you will find a grid of photos of similar-looking faces. You can click on any image and several clickable links will be attached with the image. You can click on “Open Website” to find the initial website link of your uploaded image. 

Note: Users can access three free searches on PimEyes without any registration. Once your free searches are finished you need to subscribe to a paid plan. 

PimEyes pricing plans

PimEyes offers three pricing plans, which are as follows: 

Open Plus PlanPROtect Plan Advanced Plan 
$35.39/month $47.19/month $353.99/month 

PimEyes alternatives (Free & Paid)

If you are looking for effective alternatives to PimEyes to perform face recognition activities. Then you can try accessing these below-mentioned alternatives: 

1. TinEye 

TinEye is another great alternative tool for image search. This platform has a mission to help users make the process of searching images easier. TinEye delivers image-searching solutions to a massive range of organizations and businesses. Users can simply search for anything by simply uploading their image or search copy and pasting the URL on TinEye. This tool adds millions of images to its web every day and currently has more than 61.6 billion images.

Pricing of TinEye: 

TinEye is available for free but only for non-commercial use. To use TinEye for commercial users, you need to purchase plans for the TinEye API mentioned below: 

Starter Basic Corporate Enterprise 
5,000 searches10,000 searches 50,000 searches1,000,000 searches 

2. Google Reverse Image Search

Google offers a “reverse image search” feature that allows users to perform search activity using images. Using this feature you can simply upload an image or take an image through your camera and perform search activities across the internet. Users can either access this feature on their PC using the Chrome browser or use the Chrome app on their Android or iOS devices. Once you have uploaded your image online, Google will analyze your image and generate similar-looking images instantly. This way you can receive all the information regarding an image within a few seconds. 

Pricing of Google Reverse Image Search: 

Google Reverse Image Search is available for free. This feature can be accessed by anyone with a Google account.

3. Clearview AI 

Clearview AI is a facial recognition company. This company provides software that can match faces to a database of billions of images across the internet. This tool is also capable of matching faces from social media accounts. Clearview AI tends to provide its software to organizations, universities, law enforcement, and individuals. Users can request a demo on Clearview AI by visiting its website

Pricing of Clearview AI: 

Clearview AI contains both free and premium plans. Users can access the basic features of Clearview AI by accessing the free plan. But to access additional features such as Image enhancement, Photo lineup, Deconfliction, and more users need to sign up for the Pro plan. To subscribe to the Pro plan users need to reach out to the sales team using this email [email protected]

4. Pinterest Image Search/Lens

Pinterest Image Search/lens is another popular face search engine option. Users can take a photo or upload an image through their image folder and Pinterest will quickly discover several similar images across the internet. There are two ways to access Pinterest. Users can either access it through its official website or download its app on their iOS or Android devices. Although users have to create an account on Pinterest to access the face search engine. 

 Users can comment and like other user-generated images and gain inspiration. 

Pricing of Pinterest: 

Pinterest is available for free and can be accessed by anyone after signing up on the platform. 

Is it Illegal to Use PimEyes?

It’s not illegal to use PimEyes. However, accessing PimEyes for any illegal, unauthorized, or improper purpose will go against PimEyes’s Terms of Service and could lead to permanent termination. 

Is there a Free Version of PimEyes?

PimEyes allows users to have three free searches without any registration or subscription. However, once you use all three free searches, you need to subscribe to a paid plan to continue using PimEyes. 

Is PimEyes Safe?

Yes, PimEyes is a safe and protected face search engine. PimEyes ensures the website doesn’t store any users’ private data. 

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