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A powerful AI-based job search suite to help you land your dream job faster.

About Wonsulting AI

Wonsulting AI offers several job search tools to help job seekers in their job search journey. It has a resume builder, a cover letter writer, networking tools, and many more that are yet to be added. The platform uses AI to create job specific resumes and cover letters to help them stand out from the crowd. It automates the resume building, networking, and cover letter writing processes, allowing candidates to focus on their interview and job search processes.

Wonsulting AI aims to help professionals of all levels land their dream job faster. It plans to add job search tools that can automate various job search tasks for candidates and help them prepare for their job. It extends its services worldwide and is accessible through its official website.

Official Website 
Company NameWonsulting
Launch Date2022
CategoryHuman Resource tools

Wonsulting AI Features

Wonsulting AI offers various functionalities to help job seekers get their ideal job at the speed of AI. Some striking features of this tool include the following:

  • It implements the most effective resume-building strategies to draft your professional-looking resume in just a few minutes.
  • It tailors the resume and cover letter according to the job description.
  • It drafts cover letters that impress recruiters.
  • It helps with networking with people in your industry and establishing good relationships with them.
  • It generates personalized LinkedIn messages to connect with recruiters and people in your industry.

Wonsulting AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Wonsulting AI can be used by all job seekers. Some of its popular applications include the following:

  • Job seekers can use it to write or edit professional resumes or cover letters.
  • It can be used to expand your professional network on LinkedIn.
  • Graduates can use the platform to create a professional resume that helps them stand out from the crowd and land their first job faster.

Wonsulting AI Pricing

Wonsulting AI is a paid tool, but it offers free tokens for beginners. The tokens are used to generate resumes and cover letters and expand their network. After exhausting the free tokens, you have to purchase new ones to keep using the platform. The price and token consumption vary depending on the tool you use. For instance, resumAI edits three bullet points 10 times with 10 tokens. You can purchase your desired number of tokens and pay as you use them.


Who can use Wonsulting AI?

Wonsulting AI is designed exclusively for recent graduates, job seekers of all levels, or professionals looking to expand their network. The tool is ideal for anyone looking for help during the job search process.

Can I use Wonsulting AI while applying for jobs?

Yes, you can use Wonsulting AI while hunting for jobs. You can use it to create your professional resume or cover letter and submit it to companies. The companies won’t penalize you for using Wonsulting AI. However, make sure to verify the information before submitting your resume.

Is Wonsulting AI accurate?

Wonsulting AI generates professional resumes and cover letters. However, it uses artificial intelligence, and AI is not yet perfect. So, the resume might contain errors. Hence, it is best to review the resume or cover letter before submitting it to companies.

Is Wonsulting AI free?

Wonsulting AI allows users to test the platform and its features for free initially. It gives free tokens to users upon registration. After exhausting the tokens, you have to purchase new tokens based on your requirements.

How do I contact the Wonsulting AI support team?

Wonsulting AI offers exceptional support to its users. You can connect with its customer support team at any time via the contact page to troubleshoot your issues or learn more about their services.

Wonsulting AI is the go-to platform for all your job search needs. It offers several tools and features to help you land your ideal job faster.

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