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Yelp adds AI-powered search and Short-form videos



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A series of new updates has been announced by Yelp including an enhanced AI-powered search experience and the capability to add videos to reviews. Users can get the most out of Yelp with the addition of AI-powered search such as adding making the review process interactive and more visual by allowing users to add videos with their reviews, adding visual updates to help users connect and discover business easily, and more. 

Yelp adds AI-powered search and Short-form videos

Key Points: 

  • On 25 April, Yelp announced the introduction of a series of new features to help improve users’ overall experience. 
  • Some of the new features of Yelp include Immerse videos, Interactive topics, and new reactions in reviews. 
  • Yelp Guarantee is a new feature that offers a satisfaction guarantee and is eligible for “Request a Quote” users when they hire home service professionals. 

On Tuesday, Yelp shared a blog introducing the new review and service features to enhance users’ experience by making the review process more visual and interactive. Users will now be able to add videos to their reviews, write richer, more helpful reviews with greater ease and be able to react to the reviews in a new way. 

Yelp Introduces Visual Updates in all platforms 

Yelp also announced they are introducing more visual updates across all the platforms to help users discover and connect with greater business easily within your community.

Yelp states, through AI-powered search it can understand user’s search intent in a better way and help provide more relevant and accurate information from reviews in the new snippets which appear under each business listing in the search results. 

For example, if a user searches for “tennis courts” on Yelp, review highlights about tennis courts will now be available under each facility or park listed such as “There are tennis courts which are required to be booked in advance”. 

It was also stated by Yelp, that they are looking forward to improving its search suggestions based on users’ search intent and is not bounding simply towards their location, which can be helpful for instances like where you’re making plans for in the future which aren’t near your home. 

Surprise Me 

Apart from this Yelp is also releasing a new feature called “Surprise Me” that can generate unique highly rated recommendations for the users that are near you.

If you are unimpressed with the first recommendation you can generate another one by simply clicking on it again. This feature can be excellent for finding new spaces and things. 

For example, you can use this feature to find a good restaurant if you are unaware of where to go. You can simply tap on the category tags on the business listing for food, restaurants, and more searches.

These category tags are developed to help better refine users’ searches. While for video reviews, users can post 12 seconds of high-resolution video along with text reviews and photos on Yelp. This is an excellent way to add visual context to your reviews. 

Also, Yelp has added a new reactions button, which can be used to send feedback to users who have written reviews. Currently, there are three review reactions available: Useful, Funny, and Cool. Now, Yelp is adding four more reactions which are: helpful, love this, thanks, and oh no. 

Interactive review topic is another feature launched by Yelp to help users keep track of which topics have been covered. It will remind users about the topics which users might want to address.

The topics include service, food, and ambiance. This helps users remind users what to address while drafting a review. After drafting a review it automatically turns green with a check mark.

Yelp has been planning to expand the review topics with more categories like beauty, services, health, and shopping. 

Yelp Guarantee 

Apart from new AI-powered features and reviews, Yelp has announced the company is planning to roll out “Yelp Guarantee” which is a new satisfaction guarantee program. When users hire an eligible home service through the “Request a Quote” service.

This feature is also eligible for business with Yelp Ads. In case anything goes wrong with the program, Yelp will pay up to $2500 back. 

Yelp is also rolling out a new login experience for its users. Where you won’t need to remember your password every time you want to log in. Instead with this update, users will receive an email link through which users can log in. Although the link is securely authenticated with only one click. 

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