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How to Buy Anthropic AI Stock? Can you Invest in it?


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Artificial intelligence is increasingly being relied upon for research purposes. ChatGPT is one such artificial intelligence platform. Similarly, anthropic is an AI company that focuses on research to build safer AI systems.

Being a privately held company, its stocks are not yet available to the public for trading. Read the article further to know more about Anthropic AI and its stock:

What is Anthropic AI?

Anthropic is an AI software that builds AI systems that are much safer, accurate, and interpretable. These generate AI models that are large-scale but equally reliable and capable. 

It aims to advance the use of artificial intelligence to break down complex problems. 

Its AI assistant is known as ‘Claude’. Its features include human-like dialogue and extremely detailed content generation. It is reliable for coding and complex reasoning. 

Anthropic was founded in 2021, with former members of OpenAI.

Is there an Anthropic AI Stock?

Anthropic is a private company and hence it is not publicly traded on any platforms. Therefore it does not have any available stocks as of now. You cannot buy it currently through NYSE or NASDAQ, in the United States. 

Should I Buy Anthropic AI Stock?

You currently cannot buy anthropic AI stock as it is not available for public trading. However, if the company does decide to go public, it will be one of the best stocks to invest in.

Its current valuation is as much as $1.4 billion. It is expected to flourish significantly in the coming years. 

How to Invest in Anthropic AI Stock?

Since Anthropic AI stocks are not available for public trading on any of the platforms, you cannot invest in them directly.

However, you can indirectly invest in it by buying stocks of the company that has invested in it. Some companies that have invested in ANthropic AI are:

  • SK Group
  • Spark
  • Salesforce Ventures
  • Sound Ventures
  • GV

There are various trading platforms available for the same. eToro is one such platform. To buy stocks via eToro, follow these steps:

1. Open eToro and create a brokerage account. Fill in all your required details for the same. You can even practice trading without real money through a demo available there. 

2. Fund your eToro account by depositing money into it. You can use a variety of methods for this purpose like credit and debit cards.

3. Now search the stock of the company you want to invest in. It is advised to analyze the stock of any company before investing, to prevent future loss. 

4. Buy the stock. You can also create a watchlist to track the status of your stock.

Future of Anthropic AI Stock

The future of Anthropic AI indeed seems to be very bright, considering the following factors:

1. The company was founded in 2021, and in just a few years it has a valuation of about $4.4 billion (March 2023).

2. Over 7 rounds of funding, it has raised over $1.6 billion. Its latest round of funding took place on 13 August 2023, where it raised $100 million from Korean telco giant SK Telecom.

Hence, in the near future, its stock is expected to have an outstanding value.

Is Anthropic AI Publicly Traded?

As mentioned earlier, being a private company Anthropic AI is not publicly traded. The stocks of the company are restricted to its founders and employees. Hence you cannot purchase Anthropic AI stocks currently.

5 Related Anthropic AI Stocks to Invest in

1. ABB Ltd.- It is a robotics company that focuses on generating solutions related to know-how of engineering and software, to speed up the transformation of industry. Its current stock price is $32.78.

2. Intuitive Surgical Inc.– It is a healthcare and robotics company that builds robotic products to improve outcomes of patients, with limited and minimal surgery.  Its current stock price is $295.54.

3. Nvidia Corp.– It is a technological company that develops GPUs (graphic processing units), APIs (Application programming interfaces), and SoCs (systems on a chip) for the automotive market. Its current stock price is $439.

4. UiPath: It is a software company that developed RPA (robotic process automation) software. Its current stock price is $17.56.

5. Teradyne– The company designs, develops, and supplies automated test equipment for the industries in electronics and semiconductor business. It also offers solutions to them. Its current stock price is $95.49.

Latest News about Anthropic AI Stock

1. Anthropic recently collaborated with the Boston Consulting Group to make its AI software, Claude, accessible to more businesses.

2. It released its Claude app for Slack, which can summarize threads, answer questions, and make virtual assistance more interactive. 

3. It also partnered with Google Cloud, to deploy its AI systems to a wider range of people. It also announced a partnership with Zoom.

To keep updated with the latest news about Anthropic AI, click here.


What is the current Anthropic Stock Price?

Since Anthropic AI is not a publicly traded company, it does not have a stock that is available for public trading. Therefore you cannot buy its stock on NYSE or NASDAQ in the United States.

What is Anthropic AI Stock Name?

As mentioned above, Anthropic AI being a private company is not currently being publicly traded. So it does not have a stock name currently. Once it goes public, you can purchase its stock on various trading platforms.

Can you buy Anthropic AI Stock right now?

No, you cannot buy Anthropic AI stock right now as the stock is not yet publicly traded on any of the platforms. However, if you want to invest in Anthropic AI, you can indirectly do so by investing in the share-holding companies of Anthropic AI. 

Does Anthropic AI have its IPO?

A private company can become a public one by launching an IPO. Anthropic AI is currently private. Therefore, it does not have an IPO as of now. 

When will Anthropic AI have its IPO?

Anthropic has not yet released a date to launch its IPO. Anthropic AI was founded as recently as in 2021, therefore it is not expected to go public anytime soon.

A leaked document depicted that Anthropic AI’s current focus is to raise more funds to develop its next version of Claude.

Who owns Anthropic AI?

Anthropic AI is owned by co-founders Daniela Amodei and Dario Amodei. They are siblings. They were formerly senior members of OpenAI but later they left it due to differences with OpenAI on reliability and safety of its AI models. 

Who owns Anthropic AI Stock?

Since Anthropic AI is not currently publicly traded, its stocks are owned by its founders and employees. There are also other private investors and companies such as SK Telecom and Spark, amongst others who own the stocks in Anthropic AI.

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