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How To Buy Open AI Stock in 2023 (Open AI Stock Price)

OpenAI is one of the companies that became a global sensation in 2022 and took over the artificial intelligence (AI) industry by storm with ChatGPT.  OpenAI’s massive success has left thousands of investors wondering how to buy OpenAI Stock in 2023?  Unfortunately, general public cannot directly buy OpenAI stock since it’s a privately owned company … Read more

Top AI stocks to Buy in Aug 2023

Top AI stocks to Buy in 2023

Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm. This has resulted in AI technologies being utilized in a variety of domains such as teaching, online shopping, chatbots, voice recognition, and more. The massive popularity of AI has started getting attention from investors. This has led to most investors wonder what are the top AI stocks … Read more

How To Buy xAI Stock in 2023 (xAI Stock Price)

How To Buy xAI Stock in 2023 (xAI Stock Price)

Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur who is known for his involvement in companies like Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and Twitter, has recently announced a new artificial intelligence firm called xAI.  This new company’s primary goal is to understand the complexities of the universe and develop an AI system that relentlessly seeks the truth. xAI aims to … Read more

What is Stable Diffusion 2? How to Access it?

What is Stable Diffusion 2? What can you do with it?

Stable Diffusion 2 is a text-to-image generating model developed by Stability AI which was released on November 24, 2022. The new version of Stable Diffusion introduced a set of new features and capabilities that can help generate high-quality images using prompts or descriptions. Stable Diffusion 2 introduced OpenCLIP as a new text coder along with … Read more

How to Get Anthropic Claude API Key & Use it

How to Get Claude API Key & Use it

Claude AI is one of the most advanced LLMs available today. Going beyond simple conversation, this AI assistant has remarkable abilities to understand natural language and produce responses of the highest caliber. One of the top features Claude offers is its API. Integrating artificial intelligence assistants into products has become incredibly popular in today’s fast-paced … Read more

Israel’s IDF Leverages AI Technology to Counter Security Threats

Israel's IDF Leverages AI Technology to Counter Security Threats

Jerusalem, Israel – In a bid to stay ahead of evolving security challenges, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is harnessing the power of technology to bolster their defense capabilities. Quick facts: With escalating tensions in occupied territories and the persistent threat posed by Iran, the IDF is adopting a unique approach that combines blockchain, cryptocurrency, … Read more

How does Stable Diffusion work?

How does Stable Diffusion work?

Stable Diffusion is an image-generating model that utilizes deep learning processes to generate images based on the user’s text description. Users provide a detailed description of the image they want the model to generate and based on the provided description Stable Diffusion generates the image. Unlike other models, Stable Diffusion is an energy-based model therefore … Read more

Is Stable Diffusion Free? Pricing Plans Explained

Is Stable Diffusion Free?

Stable Diffusion is an Artificial Intelligence image-generating tool that can produce high-quality images and designs with simple prompts and descriptions within a few minutes. Stable Diffusion is available for free use and anyone can generate realistic images or designs by simply adding their prompts or short descriptions.  However, it also contains paid plans through which … Read more

Who Owns DALL-E Images Copyright? Can I Sell it?

DALL·E Images

Thanks to advancements in AI, it is now possible to create digital images that can rival the works of renowned artists. The potential for creative expression with DALL·E images is truly boundless. However, this innovative technology also poses an intriguing question: Who holds rightful ownership over the masterpiece you create? The answer to this question … Read more

What Is Claude 2? How To Access it

What Is Claude 2? How To Access it

American artificial intelligence startup Anthropic has released a new artificial intelligence-powered chatbot for public use named Claude 2. Anthropic consists of senior members of the OpenAI team, namely Daniela and Dario Amodei. The company claims that this ai chatbot is better than ChatGPT in terms of ethics, describing it as safer and more customizable than … Read more

OpenAI and AP News Partners to Train AI on News Articles

OpenAI and AP News Forge Unprecedented Partnership to Train AI Models

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, and The Associated Press (AP) have embarked on an extraordinary partnership to redefine AI training. OpenAI, a trailblazer in artificial intelligence, will gain exclusive access to AP’s vast news archive spanning over three decades.  Quick facts: OpenAI strikes a historic deal with the Associated Press to pay for using their … Read more

Stability AI Launches Stable Doodle Image Generation Model for Artists

Stability AI Launches Stable Doodle Image Generation Model for Artists

Stability AI, a trailblazer in AI and technology, has announced the launch of  its groundbreaking creation, Stable Doodle. This innovative image generation model revolutionizes the conversion of sketches into captivating artwork.  Quick facts: According to a report by TechCrunch on Thursday, Stable Doodle, the brainchild of Stability AI, empowers users to breathe life into their … Read more

Google’s Bard Chatbot Expands to 230 Countries, Excluding Canada

Google's Bard Chatbot Expands to 230 Countries, Excluding Canada

Google’s revolutionary Bard chatbot finds itself entangled in a regulatory maze, with Canada left on the sidelines. Quick facts: As the regulatory impasse between Google and the Liberal government unfolds, Canada now joins the exclusive club of countries—comprising Russia and China—that are unable to experience the capabilities of Google’s artificial intelligence-driven chatbot, Bard. In a … Read more

How to Buy Inflection AI Stock: Can You Invest in it?

How to Buy Inflection AI Stock: Can You Invest in Inflection AI?

2023 has witnessed an unmistakable star rise: artificial intelligence (AI) has taken center stage as the hottest tech trend. However, its influence extends beyond just industry buzz, as it has become a driving force behind substantial stock market gains.  With many experts heralding the dawn of a new bull market, one thing remains clear: the … Read more