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Is Stable Diffusion Free? Pricing Plans Explained


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Stable Diffusion is an Artificial Intelligence image-generating tool that can produce high-quality images and designs with simple prompts and descriptions within a few minutes. Stable Diffusion is available for free use and anyone can generate realistic images or designs by simply adding their prompts or short descriptions. 

However, it also contains paid plans through which users can access additional features and capabilities without any limitations. In this article, we will provide a detailed guide about Stable Diffusion, its pricing plans, how to access Stable Diffusion for free, Top Alternatives, and more. So, let’s begin. 

Is Stable Diffusion Free?

Stable Diffusion currently offers both free and paid plans for its software. The free version of Stable Diffusion allows users to access basic features and can be accessed through the web browser.

Users can perform basic editing and processing tasks without the need for any licensing or subscription fees. The free version of Stable Diffusion is suitable for beginners or those users who want to experiment or perform limited editing. 

However, if you are a professional and looking for advanced image editing and processing software then you need to subscribe to Stable Diffusion’s premium plan.

Through the premium plan users can access advanced features of the software such as premium filters, high-resolution output, priority support, integration with other software tools, and more.

Stable Diffusion Pricing Explained

Stable Diffusion offers three pricing plans for its users which are Basic, Standard, and Premium offering different pricing ranges, features, and capabilities. So, let’s look into all three paid versions of Stable Diffusion. 

1. Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is available for $9/per month for Development Purposes. If you subscribe to this plan then here are features you can access:  

  • 999 Image generations 
  • average generation time of 4s 
  • No controlnet APIs 
  • 5 Req/s Limit. 

This plan is suitable for personal use or freelancing work. There is also a yearly plan available for this which costs $90/per year and provides the same features along with an additional two months free access. 

2. Standard Plan

The Standard plan is available for $49/month or $490/year, this plan is perfect for users who are getting started with APIs along with personal or freelancing use. Here are the features offered in the Standard plan: 

  • 999 Image Generations
  • Access All APIs
  • Average generation time 4s
  • 10 Req/s Limit

If you subscribe to the Yearly Standard plan then you can get an additional two months free access. 

3. Premium Plan

The Premium plan is available for $149/month or $1599/year, this plan is perfect for professional users. Here are the features offered in the premium plan: 

  • Unlimited – All AI APIs
  • Unlimited Image Generation
  • Best for high-traffic apps
  • Average generation time 2s
  • 15 Req/s Limit

If you purchase the yearly plan users will get an extra benefit of two months of free access. 

Accessing Stable Diffusion Free

Stable Diffusion contains a free plan which can be accessed online easily through three different available models. The first model is through Hugging Face, and you can access the Stable Diffusion 2.1 Demo model.

While the second option to access Stable Diffusion for free is by accessing Stable Diffusion GRisk GUI 0.1 or you access Stable Diffusion Web UI to access the image generation tool for free. These models will allow you to access Stable Diffusion for completely free. 

However, if you are just looking for a way to access Stable Diffuison’s software and learn what is the tool capable of and how to exactly create an image through Stable Diffusion then you can try accessing DreamStudio’s free trial

Free Alternatives to Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a powerful AI image generation tool that offers both free and premium plans. However, there are a variety of alternatives to Stable Diffusion that can offer beneficial features and help you complete your tasks without the need to purchase a premium plan.

Here are some of the best alternatives to Stable Diffusion as follows: 


DALL-E is a creation of the popular Artificial Intelligence company “OpenAI.” DALL-E is a great alternative to Stable Diffusion, through this tool users can easily generate realistic images by entering a prompt or description within a few minutes.

DALL-E is available for a free trial and can be utilized by OpenAI’s free trial credit scheme each month. However, if you are looking forward to utilizing DALL-E permanently then you might need to purchase additional credits to generate more images.

But if you want to access DALL-E occasionally for casual use then, you can simply access it with the allotted free credits.

2. ArtSmart AI

ArtSmart AI is a beneficial AI image generator that allows users to create beautiful images through their straightforward prompts and image cues.

This tool can be used for both personal and professional, ArtSmart can easily produce realistic images and artworks based on your description. It includes numerous features through which you can make changes to the developed image and remove or replace objects based on your preferences.

ArtSmart AI is quite similar to Stable Diffusion, it contains both free and premium plans. Users can purchase premium plans to utilize the additional benefits of the Image generating tool.

It includes Inpainting5 and even utilizes another AI image-generating tool Stable Diffusion. Therefore, if you are looking for an alternative to Stable Diffusion then ArtSmart can be a great choice.

3. Playground AI

Playground AI is an image-generating tool that is completely free to use and can generate beautiful artwork and images through simple prompts. Playground AI is free for everyone and users can create up to 1000 images using this image-generating tool a day.

Apart from Image generation, this tool is also capable of performing several other activities such as social media posting, posters, presentations, and more for free.

Playground AI also includes premium plans that allow users to access additional features without any limitations or waiting periods.

However, users can create 1000 images through Playground AI without the need to pay any single amount. So, this can be a great free option for you. 

4. GenCraft

GenCraft is an Artificial Intelligence Art generating tool through which users can create beautiful and personalized images simply by entering small descriptions of prompts. With GenCraft users can truly transform their imagination and ideas into real-life images.

This AI art-generating tool includes diverse visual categories such as fashion, art, video games, and more which basically helps users into providing the best personalized results.

It also contains a library, through which users can access high-quality components and materials to get inspired.

This tool is suitable for business owners, graphic designers, and architects as it can produce high-quality 3D models, visuals, and images. Although users can also access this tool for fun as it’s easy to use which makes it suitable for beginners as well.  

5. Adobe Photoshop – FireFly 

Adobe has released an AI image generation tool “Adobe FireFly” this year which can be accessed by users through its website or either through Adobe Express for free.

Users need to simply enter their prompt or a detailed text description explaining their image requirements and FireFly will immediately generate the image for you.

The best part about this tool is that users can provide text effects through their descriptions as well. FireFly is an excellent alternative to Stable Diffusion and can be easily accessed by beginners or professionals.


Stable Diffusion is an excellent AI image-generating tool that is available for free use and contains premium plans as well.

Beginners or Freelancers can access the free version of the tool, however, professionals might need to subscribe to the paid version to generate images without any limitations.

Above, we have discussed ways to access Stable Diffusion for free along with mentioning the top free alternatives of the image-generating tool. 

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