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How to Buy Scale AI Stock? Can you Invest in it?


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Are you looking for ways to invest in Scale AI’s stocks?  Scale AI is a software company that provides high-quality training data for a wide range of AI applications.

As Scale AI is a privately owned tech company, its shares are not available for purchase on public markets. However, accredited investors can invest in Scale through various private market platforms.

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What is Scale AI?

Scale AI is a software company that creates an interfacing platform for users that collects and converts image data into text for training different artificial intelligence applications.

Scale AI provides training data for AI applications like self-driving cars, robotics, maps, AR/VR, etc.

The aim of Scale is to foster artificial development, which will allow other developers to build their machine-learning models using scalable cloud infrastructure.

Is there a Scale AI stock?

Yes, there are Scale AI stocks. However, they are not open for public trading as Scale AI is a privately owned company and the stocks of the company are owned by its founders, employees, and private investors.

Some of its big investors include Accel, Spark Capitals, Index Ventures, Y Combinator, Bedrock, etc.

It doesn’t have a public list of stocks. Once the company goes public its stocks also will become available for public trading.

Should I buy Scale AI stock?

Unfortunately, you can’t buy Scale AI stock as Scale AI is a private organization and the stocks are not publicly traded. Therefore, users can not invest in Scale AI through direct means. However, there are indirect ways by which you can invest in Scale AI. 

For example, if you want to invest in Scale AI, invest in Accel Ltd. as it has a share in Scale AI, and investing in Accel will become an indirect investment in Scale AI.

How to invest in Scale AI stock?

Scale AI is a private company. Hence, shares of Scale AI are limited to private investors and employees and are not publicly traded.

However, accredited investors can invest in it through various private market platforms that deal with pre-IPO shares.

Using eToro, one of the most flexible platforms to use, you can invest in companies who are private investors in Scale AI like Accel, Spark Capitals, Bedrock, etc.

1. Create a free eToro account and set up your profile.

2. Credit your eToro account with funds.

3. Search for the stocks of Bedrock, and Accel on the Discover section and buy how many shares you want.

4. Create a watchlist to monitor your trade.

Accel:- Accel is a private tech-based company that has invested across various stages and also has provided monetary assets to larger companies for their growth in their early stage of development.

Bedrock:- Bedrock founded back in 2020, advances in language modeling and natural language processing and helps in accessing significant and providing quality financial information.

eToro is very simple to use, you can simply sign up for a free account, deposit money through various options and you can invest the amount you want.

1. Pre-IPO investing platforms: Investors interested in buying shares can monitor pre-IPO investing platforms like Forge Global for share availability.

2. During Scale IPO buy stock via a participating broker

3. Buying stocks after IPO: There are multiple advantages if you buy stocks after they become public. IPO allows investors to have multiple sets of financial reviews.

Future of Scale AI stock

Future of Scale AI stock seems to have a greater value in the market in the future. Scale AI at its latest valuation at the end of 2020, Scale AI is worth a huge amount of $3.5 billion.

While the company is private and not publicly traded, it has already raised over $600 billion in private investment.

Series E funding round for $325 million, in April 2021 indicated continued growth and confidence of investors.

Hence, by observing these factors it can be clearly said that Scale AI is going to be a “BLAST” in the future market with a lot of investors if it becomes public.

Is Scale AI publicly traded?

No, Scale AI currently is not publicly traded and is a private company. The stocks are limited to only the private investors. 

It doesn’t have its IPO yet and stocks are not open to the public. There is no Scale AI symbol as it is a private company.;

5 related Scale AI Stocks to Invest in

1. Appne:- Appen is leading worldwide in providing high-quality training data for machine learning and AI applications. They specialize in improving the performance of AI systems across various areas. 

2. SuperAnnotate:- SuperAnnotate is a leading platform in the world for creating the best training datasets for computer vision and NLP. Its advanced cutting-edge tooling and quality assurance, ML and automation features enable users to make perfect datasets and successful ML pipelines 3-5x faster.

3. Mighty AI:- Mighty AI provides training data to the companies that develop computer vision models for driverless vehicles. Thanks to its entire suite of annotation tools which combines the guaranteed accuracy with scale and expertise.

4. Labelbox:- The top data-centric AI platform, labelbox, is used by Fortune 500 firms and AI-powered businesses to create intelligent applications. It’s a data training platform that creates and manages labeled data for machine learning applications.

5. Hive AI:- Hive is the premier supplier of cloud-based AI solutions for understanding, searching, and creating the best content. It provides dealers with a portfolio of top-notch, pre-trained AI models.

Latest news about Scale AI stock 

OpenAI partners with Scale AI to allow companies to optimize GPT 3.5.

On August 24, OpenAI announced that they are going to collaborate with Scale AI to bring together Scale AI’s fine-tuning tools and OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 text generation model.

Now, businesses can fine-tune a model to match its requirements like to match its brand voice and tone, etc.

To read more in detail click here.

Scale AI Stock prediction in 2025

The company is expected to grow by x2 and to reach $120 billion. The stock prediction of Scale AI’s stock can not be predicted as there is no public price list of Scale AI’s stock.

However, this privately owned company is making great progress being private. Scale AI was last valued at $7.3 B.


What is the current Scale AI stock price?

There is no price list for the ScaleAI stock. Scale AI is not a publicly traded company and is owned by its private investors. Hence, we have no data regarding the price of Scale AI stock.

What is the Scale AI stock name?

There is no name for Scale AI stock as the Stock of Scale AI is not open for public trading and is limited to only private investors. Until and unless the company goes public we can not get the Scale AI stock name.

Can you buy Scale AI stock right now?

No, you can not buy Scale AI stock right now as the stocks of the company are not available for everyone but to investors only. Accredited investors can invest in it in indirect ways.

Does Scale AI have its IPO?

No, currently Scale AI doesn’t have its IPO. IPO is offered by companies that are available for public trading but as Scale AI is a private company it is not available for public trading so it doesn’t have its IPO. Also, there is no official news about its IPO release. 

When will Scale AI have its IPO?

There is no information regarding when Scale AI will have its IPO. Alexandr Wang made a statement to Fortune “There are no current timelines or current plans” to make the company go public. However, he mentioned that ‘we are paying attention to the market’.

Who owns Scale AI?

Alexandr Wang is the owner of Scale AI. Scale AI is a venture-backed private company. Its shareowners include private investors, founders, and some venture- capital firms. Scale AI was founded in the year 2016 by Wang and Lucy Guo as co-founder.

Who owns Scale AI stock?

Scale AI stock is owned by its founders, private investors, and employees. Some of its major shareholders are Index Ventures, Thrive Capital, Founders Funds, and many more.

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