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How to Buy Bullfrog AI Stock? Can you Invest in It?


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Do you want to invest in Bullfrog AI stocks? Bullfrog AI Holdings is a digital company that breaks down interactions related to biopharma.

As it is a publicly-traded company, its stocks are available to everyone for purchase in the US through NASDAQ. Read the article further to learn more about Bullfrog AI and its stock prices:

What is Bullfrog AI?

Bullfrog AI Holdings is a biotechnology company that uses AI to analyze and simplify data related to medicine and healthcare. 

bfLEAP is its artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) platform that enables large-scale research and analyses. It has a multi-dimensional approach to data understanding. 

Bullfrog AI basically aims to contribute towards the development of drugs and hence introduce new strategies in the medical field.

Is there a Bullfrog AI Stock?

Yes, there are Bullfrog AI stocks. It is available for public trading within the US through NASDAQ. Hence investors can purchase this stock from a wide range of platforms.

There are various methods by which you can purchase Bullfrog AI stock. The current stock price of Bullfrog AI is $0.45, as of 14 September 2023.

Should I Buy Bullfrog AI Stock?

Bullfrog AI stocks have been highly volatile and turbulent, for the last 3 months. So it is not recommended to buy these stocks. You should consider the following information to make your decision:

  • In 2023, the stock price fell from $4.76 to merely $0.45, a sharp decline. 
  • It is expected to face financial problems in the next two years. 
  • It makes a  market revenue of less than $1 million.
  • Its stock earnings have been declining at an annual rate of -152.8% while the healthcare industry saw an annual growth of 12%.
  • Its total liability amounts approximately to $1.1 million.

How to Invest in Bullfrog AI Stock?

Follow the listed steps to invest in Bullfrog AI-

1. Create a brokerage account on eToro. Provide all your necessary details and click on ‘create account’.

2. Now fund your account to deposit money in it. You can do this with various options like credit cards, debit cards, etc eToro as a flexible platform provides various options.

3. Search for Bullfrog AI stocks. You can now buy the stocks.

4. Before investing, analyze the trend of the Bullfrog stocks. This will help avoid any unnecessary future loss. You can use various AI  trading bots for the same like Trade Ideas and TrendSpider. 

5. You can view the performance of your stock by creating a watchlist

Future of Bullfrog AI Stock

The data available for Bullfrog AI stock is minimal. Because of this insufficiency of data, the future of Bullfrog AI stock is difficult to determine. Hence, any analysis forecast cannot be reliably calculated.

Is Bullfrog AI Publicly Traded?

Yes, Bullfrog AI is publicly traded through NASDAQ. The stocks are available for all investors within the US across various trading platforms.

As it is a publicly-traded company, it has an IPO and a stock symbol: BFRG. 

5 Related Bullfrog AI stocks to invest in

1. Aclarion (ACONW)– It is a healthcare company that uses artificial intelligence to help physicians locate the area of chronic lower back pain. The current price of its stock is $0.070.

2. CareCloud (MTBC)– It is a healthcare information technology company that provides services in the medical arena. The current price of its stock is $1.31.

3. EUDA Health (EUDA)– It is a health technology company that aims to increase access to healthcare for all people. The current price of its stock is $1.58.

4. SomaLogic (SLGCW)– It is a protein biomarker discovery and clinical diagnostics company. It works towards diagnostics research and development. The current price of its stock is $0.24.

5. Ontrak (OTRKP)– It provides analysis to health plans by providing research on behavioral management and treatment. The current price of its stock is $0.48.

Latest News about Bullfrog AI Stock

1. Bullfrog AI recently announced a three-year partnership with the Leiber Institute of Brain Development to recognize the relationships between brain pathways and genes and research on better treatment of brain diseases.

2. Bullfrog AI also announced an investor webinar with CEO and Founder Vin Singh on 14 September 2023.

Bullfrog AI Stock Price Prediction in 2025

Bullfrog AI has not provided sufficient stock data and hence there is no information regarding its stock price prediction for later years. 

However, according to CoinCodex, the Bullfrog AI stock is volatile and is perceived to have a higher degree of risk.


What is the current Bullfrog AI stock price?

The stock price of Bullfrog AI as of 14 September 2023 is $0.45. The company has a net income of $-1.48 million.

What is the Bullfrog AI Stock name?

The stock name of Bullfrog AI is BFRGW. It is open for public trading under the ‘BFRGW’ symbol. It is available for the US market through NASDAQ. 

Can you buy Bullfrog AI Stock right now?

Yes, you can buy the Bullfrog AI stock right now as it is available for public trading on various platforms. Anyone with a broker account (like eToro) can easily purchase it from the NASDAQ market. 

Does Bullfrog AI have its IPO?

Yes, Bullfrog AI has its IPO. It is priced at $6.50. The IPO was launched on 13 February 2023. The IPO made $160,000 which is 1.9% less than the number of shares it was priced at.

Who owns Bullfrog AI? 

Bullfrog AI is owned by Vin Singh, who is also its founder. He is also the CEO of Bullfrog AI. He has a degree in engineering and even an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. Dane Saglio is the CFO of Bullfrog AI the chief information officer is JT Koffenberger.

Who owns Bullfrog AI Stocks?

Bullfrog AI stocks are owned by the company leadership, employees, and private companies. They are all investors in the company. The owners include CEO, Vininder Singh and companies like Tivoli Trust. You can check the full list of the owners of Bullfrog AI stocks here.

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