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Is ChatGPT Banned in Germany?



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OpenAI’s ChatGPT is facing trouble in paradise after Germany is in talks on placing a ban on ChatGPT due to the breaching of privacy data and security of its users. Previously, Italy placed a temporary ban on ChatGPT for violation of privacy and initiated an immediate investigation on ChatGPT to determine whether it relented with General data protection regulations. 

In addition, the privacy and data security watchdogs from other Western countries such as Italy and France, are also in contact with the Italian data regulator to discuss its findings regarding the placement of the ban.  

Is ChatGPT Banned in Germany?

Key Points: 

  • Germany is likely to ban OpenAI’s ChatGPT regarding data privacy and security concerns. 
  • Germany has requested further information and knowledge from Italy regarding its ChatGPT ban.
  • Watchdogs from Ireland and France privacy and data security are also contacting the Italian data regulator to discuss its findings. 

Will ChatGPT be banned in Germany? 

Germany is likely to block OpenAI’s ChatGPT over concerns regarding data privacy and security, the German Data protection commissioner told Handelsblatt newspaper. 

Earlier, the National data agency of Italy announced a temporary ban on the AI chatbot ChatGPT due to concerns regarding the breach of privacy, and an immediate investigation was initiated. Becoming the first Western country where chatgpt is banned.  

Ulrich Kelber, the chief of Data Protection said, “Similar measures are likely to be taken in Germany as well”. He added this would fall under the state jurisdiction. Although he didn’t outline such plans. 

He stated that Germany has requested further information and knowledge from Italy on its ChatGPT ban. Privacy and data security watchdogs from Ireland and France are also in contact with the Italian data regulator to discuss its findings. 

A spokesperson from Ireland’s DPC (Data Protection Commissioner) quoted, “We are following up and discussing the findings with the Italian regulator to understand the basis for their action on placing a temporary block on the AI chatbot.” He added we are communicating with the authorities of EU data protection regarding this matter.  

On Friday, OpenAI stated they are working towards actively reducing the use of personal data in training its Artificial intelligence systems. 

Even though the Irish DPC (Data Protection Commissioner) is currently the lead EU regulator for several international technology giants beneath the bloc’s “one-stop shop” data regime. However, Irish DPC isn’t the lead regulator when it comes to OpenAI, which as of now contains no offices in the EU. 

The privacy regulator in Sweden informed as of now, there are no plans to ban or block OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Currently, the privacy regulator in Sweden is not even in contact with the Italian Watchdog. So, there is no possibility of any ban placement in Sweden. 

The occurrence of the breach in ChatGPT which exposed a few premium user’s personal data such as First Name, Last Name, conversations, last 4 digits of credit card, and expiration date, which led the Italian watchdog to place an investigation regarding the data privacy and security. 

In addition, they also accused OpenAI of failing to conduct an age verification on ChatGPT users, who are supposed to be aged 13 or above. Making Italy the first Western country to place a ban on the Artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT. 

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