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ChatGPT for Customer Service: Benefits, Examples



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ChatGPT’s conversational dialogue format can take the customer service experience to new levels. Customer service through ChatGPT will involve interaction and conversations undertaken by the AI bot in a human-like manner. 

ChatGPT can be used to automate responses in interactions and solve basic support issues.  To fully understand the use and applicability of ChatGT for Customer service, it is essential we first discuss its benefits, constraints, and use cases of the platform. 

ChatGPT for Customer Service

Can ChatGPT be used for customer service?

Yes, ChatGPTs can be used as a self-service AI chatbot that can solve common surface-level support issues. Its conversational format and generative interface would make it absolutely suitable for customer service. Though it is not yet deployed in the industry, the day is not far away when ChatGPT will become the face of customer service. Companies are testing ChatGPT to make it efficient in customer service operations. 

What is ChatGPT for customer service chat?

ChatGPT for customer service chat is using the AI Chatbot to provide a practical and prompt Customer service experience. It provides customers information about the products, shipping, delivery, or store hours. It is also constructive in raising complaints and seeking a quick response to queries.

Moreover, it helps customers manage their accounts and navigate through their accounts to look at and buy a company’s products. It can effectively solve user complaints, accomplish repetitive tasks and satisfy customers.

How to Use ChatGPT for Customer Service

You can create a chatbot for your company to provide customer service. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Start by collating data useful for customer service conversations and interactions. Optimize and process it by removing the redundant parts and formatting it according to your requirement. 
  2. Now you have to train the model by inputting the information you have optimized. We recommend using OpenAI’s GPT-3 fine-tuning API to achieve the same. 
  3. Next, built the Chatbot using the trained model. Integrate the model with a chatbot development platform or use a language processing library such as NTLK. 
  4. After you have built the chatbot, test and evaluate its performance by interacting it with in a way a customer would. Analyze the shortcomings and try to improve the same. 
  5. Once, the testing is done and you believe the Chatbot is completely ready, integrate it either into the company’s website or application to run customer service. 

Use cases for ChatGPT in customer service

ChatGPT could be good for customer service only if it is well-trained on customer service and allied interactions datasets. This is imperative so that ChatGPT can understand and respond to customer inquiries promptly and effectively.

However, please note do not depend too much on AI tools like ChatGPT as things can often take a wrong turn. ChatGPT provides answers based on data available in the public domain and it might sometimes provide erroneous responses.

Therefore, it is advised that you use ChatGPT cautiously. 

1. Replying to customer complaints

Customer service involves various customer complaints on issues related to delivery, shipping, quality of the product, or billing. Chat GPT can be efficacious in replying to consumers’ complaints and providing quick solutions to customers’ concerns.

The use of ChatGPT is especially effective for companies that are flooded with consumer complaints and queries every now and then. 

Responses by ChatGPT will fast-track the process of resolving customer complaints, improve consumer experience and save the companies from negative reviews. Companies’ workloads will get reduced and this will exacerbate their productivity.

Thus, ChatGPT can strengthen companies’ consumer base by replying to customer complaints and improving their reputation. 

2. Troubleshooting ideas

Chatgpt would simplify troubleshooting in customer service. It would not only deduce the root cause of the problems but also provide efficacious solutions to customer service issues. 

Moreover, even if it cannot always provide a viable solution, it can be a helpful assistance to the customer support agent. The human agent would be saved from the effort to determine the problem and manually develop the solution from scratch. 

3. Issue notification

Another way ChatGPT can be used is to issue notifications.  Whether your inventory is out of stock or you need to resolve a technical issue on your company’s website, you must notify your consumers of the impending issue. Use ChatGPT to draft a notification and issue it to notify your clients. 

4. Engagement with the company offers

If one thing all customers appreciate is the different offers a company has to offer. It has also been proven to be an interesting way to garner new customers. However good as it sounds in theory, executing company offers to attract customers can be tricky. 

Therefore, use ChatGPT to craft riveting offers and attract customers. 

5. Replying to customer reviews

Companies are often inundated with so much work that it is not humanly possible for companies agent to reply to each and every review of customers. However, this can be something that can be left to ChatGPT.

It will analyze the customer’s reviews and generate appropriate responses. It can be used to be grateful to your customers who leave positive reviews and apologize to the ones who leave negative reviews. 

6. Content generation for customers and prospects

Customer service also includes content generation on social media to attract customers and prospects. Using ChatGPT, you can develop new and exciting ideas to generate content and engage your consumer base. It can write captions, blogs, and catchy sentences to boost your content generation and increase people’s engagement with your company. 

The future of ChatGPT and customer service

Analyzing recent trends and systems, it could be predicted that ChatGPT can do more than respond to basic questions. It will significantly change the way customer service interactions and operations are conducted. Most importantly, it will help improve the overall customer service experience. 

We believe the need for manual interaction will reduce substantially, and AI bots like ChatGPT can do most of the work. ChatGPT will be able to make alterations to customers’ orders and resolve different kinds of service issues.

Moreover, presently ChatGPT is not a hundred percent accurate with its answers. However, we believe in the future, it will be able to discern situations when it does not know answers to customers’ queries or issues, and it will direct the problem to be solved by the human agent without itself giving the wrong answers. 

The benefits of ChatGPT in customer service

There are abundant benefits to using ChatGPT for customer service. It will prove to be extremely time-effective as with AI huge amount of work could be done in just short intervals.

Here are some of the benefits of ChatGPT in customer service:

  1. Always available: ChatGPT can provide customer service 24×7 for 365 days. Human agents might not be available every minute of the day but ChatGPT will always be there to resolve customer complaints and answer their queries. Customers, thus get help whenever they require it and don’t have to wait for hours for a response from your company. This will increase their customer experience and make them regular customers. 
  2. Reduce workload: AI can interact with many customers faster than a human agent ever could. It can reduce the substantial workload on customer service agents, allowing them to focus on other important work. Thus, the company’s time and agent’s efforts are used effectively and not hampered by increased workloads. 
  3. Automation and Personalization: ChatGPT can respond automatically to customers when they raise a complaint or query. Automation saves time and assures customers that they are being heard. Customers won’t have to live in uncertainty of whether they will receive a response. This will prevent the company from losing customers and its reputation. 

Moreover, ChatGPT has the ability to add a human touch to its interactions and personalize it according to users’ demands. This further assures consumers that their needs are valuable to the company. All of this significantly boosts the overall satisfaction of the consumers. 

Will ChatGPT replace customer support?

We highly doubt that ChatGPT can replace customer support completely. For solving repetitive problems and questions, it might not require any customer support. However, there are situations when humans would have to intervene. 

ChatGPT might not always provide appropriate responses leading to confusion and frustration that need a human agent’s interference to resolve. When a problem is personalized, ChatGPT cannot resolve it on its own. Moreover, Ai technology is prone to errors, glitches, and security threats, rendering it incapable of completely overtaking human agency in customer service. 

Opportunities for AI to improve customer service

1. Provide potential answers for human review

AI can provide answers to customer service agents that they can use to solve customers’ problems. This way, the human agents do not have to come up with the complete answer themselves and need to ensure that whatever is being provided by AI is accurate.  

  The answers might not be a hundred percent correct and need some corrections. But it would be extremely useful in saving the time, energy and efforts of human agents who would not have to start from scratch to come up with solutions to customers’ problems. 

2. Speed up onboarding for new team members

Starting a new job in the customer service industry could be very taxing. The workload is often a lot, and a person not well-versed in how things work is left searching for answers. However, with AI tools, the person can easily learn work dos and don’ts and the requisite background context. You can go through the most relevant documents of the company, and AI can even summarise long texts for you to skim through them quickly. 

3. Summarize long discussions

AI tools like ChatGPT can promptly summarise long discussions concisely and readably. Thus, the time and effort put into reading long documents is substantially saved and can be put into other work by customer service agents. 

4. Categorize and prioritize

ChatGPT can be constructive in categorizing and prioritizing the trouble areas that any company has to work upon. Going through every customer interaction categorically and manually could be taxing. However, with AI, this is all categorized neatly so that the company can effectively prioritize the areas which need immediate attention. 

5. Monitor quality

A company that is swarmed with work often tends to lack in quality offered in products and customer services. AI can assess the quality levels and analyze customers’ sentiments through their reviews. Through these analyses, a company can revive its quality, thereby improving the engagement of its customers. 

6. Proactively offer help

With AI, companies can proactively offer help to customers even before they ask for it. AI technology can determine whether a customer is likely to get stuck, and if it is positive that the customer might face some issues, it can assist in advance. Features like this make customer service efficient and customer friendly. 

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