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ChatGPT Plugins Waitlist – How to Join and Get Early Access



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Here’s how to join ChatGPT Plugins Waitlist and get early access!

Introduced publicly in November 2022, ChatGPT soon became a public favorite as it gathered huge interest and millions of daily users. Since then, for ChatGPT, the only way has been the way forward.

Till recently, ChatGPT was isolated as a service. But, OpenAI is about to change that with the launch of ChatGPT Plugins. Access to these plugins is available only through the ChatGPT plugins waitlist (when writing this article).

ChatGPT Plugins Waitlist - How to Join and Get Early Access

OpenAI says these plugins will enhance your ChatGPT experience and bring new functionalities to your conversations. OpenAI unveiled a total of 11 plugins that have been developed by various other companies. These include plugins of popular companies like Slack, Zapier, Expedia, FiscalNote, Instacart, Milo, and OpenTable.

Here’s the complete list of the plugins: 

  • Expedia
  • FiscalNote
  • Instacart
  • Klarna Shopping
  • Milo Family AI
  • OpenTable
  • Shop
  • Speak
  • Wolfram
  • Zapier

However, the most awaited plugins were the ones developed by OpenAI itself, which include a web browser and a code interpreter plugin. 

The web browser plugin allows ChatGPT to retrieve information directly from the Internet. This allows the chatbot to intelligently browse the internet, retrieve data and infer from it.

On the other hand, the code interpreter plugin performs logical calculations as per the problems posed. As of now, both plugins are in the Alpha stage and are available to developers and Plus users. You can avail of them by signing up for the wishlist.

So, if you’re excited about getting your hands on these plugins, read on!

Why Is There A ChatGPT Plugin Waitlist?

The ChatGPT Plugin Waitlist is part of OpenAI’s phase rollout approach. This approach allows users to sign up for eventual access to ChatGPT’s newer functionalities as they’re launched.

With open access to develop a plugin, interested parties can develop plugins according to specific purposes whilst benefiting from ChatGPT’s capabilities.

The waitlist page mentions that initially, OpenAI will prioritize a selected few developers and ChatGPT Plus users and that, some plugins already exist.

One such plugin is OpenTable. This plugin allows ChatGPT to search for open restaurant tables.

Speaking of a long-term plan, OpenAI intends to roll out large-scale access over time.

How To Sign Up For ChatGPT Plugin Waitlist?

The ChatGPT plugins are only accessible to a few early developers and ChatGPT Plus account holders. 

So, if you’re a ChatGPT Plus user or a developer, you can join the waitlist here. You’ll be asked to fill out some basic information to join the waitlist.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be added to the waitlist and receive an email notification if and when the plugins are available.

If you’re neither a ChatGPT Pluse user nor a developer, don’t worry, OpenAI has revealed that the plugins feature will be rolled out to free users soon enough.

Are Plugins Only For ChatGPT Plus Users?

According to the OpenAI website, the ChatGPT plugins are in a limited Alpha testing phase. Hence, they are not available to everyone. 

Early access is available only through a waitlist that you can sign-up for.

However, ChatGPT has promised that the plugins will soon be available for free users. But there might be some limitations regarding the number of plugins free users can use or how often they can use them.

How Can You Get Access To The ChatGPT Plugin Waitlist?

You register for the ChatGPT Plugin Waitlist, click here. Fill out the form, and you’re good to go. However, do note that filling up the form does not guarantee access to the plugins. 

And while you wait for the plugin access, there’s plenty of documentation and plugins to read about!

Can ChatGPT’s Free Users Get Access To It?

As mentioned, ChatGPT plugin access is limited only to developers and a handful of ChatGPT-plus users. However, it will be available later for free users. Currently, OpenAI has not specified any date or time frame when it will be available for free users.

How Can Developers Get Prior Access To Plugins?

ChatGPT Plugins Waitlist - How to Join and Get Early Access

If you’re a developer who’s interested in creating plugins for ChatGPT, you can apply for early access by signing up for the ChatGPT plugin waitlist. 

In your application, you can briefly explain your idea and how it can benefit ChatGPT users. The ChatGPT team will review your proposal and get in touch with you if they’re interested.


The announcement of ChatGPT plugins waitlist represents a massive leap in the right direction regarding Artificial Intelligence. It can potentially revolutionize human-AI interactions and can transform how we work, create, and collaborate.

Don’t hesitate to signup for the waitlist. Whether you’re a free user, a Plus user, or a developer, apply for early access and help make ChatGPT even better.

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