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Testing Google Bard: How to join as a Google beta tester?



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Google has developed a ChatGPT-rival Bard that performs ChatGPT-like functions. The chatbot answers every question you ask and generates various types of textual content. The company introduced Bard in February 2023 and opened it worldwide for public access in May 2023.

After releasing the app to the public, Google stopped the Bard Beta tester program. The Google Bard Beta testing program allowed users to access Bard features before their release and share feedback. Read this guide to learn more about testing Google Bard and how to join the program.

Google Bard Beta tester info

The Google Bard Beta tester program allows users to access and test the platform’s features before release. Using this program, you can experiment with various features and analyse Bard’s performance.

Google also accepts user feedback and uses this information to improve Bard. You can apply for Beta testing by joining its waitlist. After reviewing the received applications, the company selects a small group of people.

Google Bard Access

Google is very conscious while picking the beta testers for Bard. The company has announced that it is opening Bard for beta testers. Users can apply for the program through the waitlist.

However, the tech giant accepts only a few users and has strict expectations from its testers. You can apply for the Google Bard Beta tester program through its website and wait for Google to approve your request.

You may receive the Bard beta testing access code if you are lucky.

Is Google Opening the Bard chatbot to beta testers?

Yes, Google has opened the Bard chatbot for beta testers. But it is only available for a limited group of people. The program is accessible by joining the beta tester waitlist.

How to Join as a Google Beta tester?

You can apply for the Google Beta Tester program by visiting its official website. You must apply by joining the waitlist and wait until Google responds. Here are the steps to join Google Bard Beta as a tester:

Step 1: Turn on your PC or laptop.

Step 2: Open any web browser and visit the Google Bard Beta testing website.

Step 3: Sign into your Google account.

Step 4: Click the Become a Tester button.

Step 5: Fill in the details asked in the form and submit it.

Step 6: Wait for Google to approve your request. You will get an access code upon approval. Use it to sign into Bard as a beta tester.

Do Google beta testers get paid?

Unfortunately, Google hasn’t given any answer regarding the payment of Google Bard beta testers. The company calls for external testers to get feedback for its upcoming products before rolling them for the public.

Typically, Google and other companies pay internal testers for beta testing products. However, external testers don’t get paid. The company only gathers their opinions to improve the platform.

The salaries of Beta testers have also not been reported by the company. Neither does Glassdoor report any information regarding the same.

Final Thoughts

You can join the Google Bard Beta Testing program by joining its waitlist. Remember, Google is accepting only a few users for beta testing.

You can apply for the program through the waitlist, as explained in this guide and wait for Google to approve your request. Upon approval, you can test the Bard features before others and share feedback to improve the chatbot.

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