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Microsoft will Release ChatGPT 4 Alongside AI Videos


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After the immense success of GPT-3 and GPT-3.5, Microsoft is all set to raise the bar in the Artificial intelligence market by introducing GPT-4 next week. The new AI chatbot will potentially allow users to generate AI-developed videos using simple text prompts. 

According to Microsoft Germany Chief Technology Officer, Andreas Braund, “GPT-4 will be introduced next week… it will include multimodal models that will develop completely different possibilities such as videos.” 

In addition to AI videos in the new language, the model is also expected to introduce additional features and benefits such as the automatic conversion of phone calls into texts and more. 

Microsoft launch ChatGPT 4 next week with AI videos

Quick Facts: 

  • Microsoft will introduce GPT-4 next week, it will include multimodal models that will provide additional features and benefits to this AI chatbot.  
  • The new language model will allow users to develop AI-generated videos using text prompts. 
  • With ChatGPT-4, OpenAI is speculated to introduce a GPT-4 powered app, allowing users to operate ChatGPT through their smartphones. 

What is GPT-4? 

GPT-4 is a large language model that powered OpenAI’s popular AI chatbot ChatGPT. The current version of ChatGPT is operated by GPT-3.5 which allows users to receive replies only in text form. 

But with the introduction of GPT-4 next week users can expect a change in its features. Andreas Braund stated, the new ChatGPT-4 will allow AI-video responses using text prompts.

In addition, there are more capabilities and features expected to drop next week.   

GPT-4: What do we know so far?

For now, we know the new ChatGPT-4 will include multimodal capabilities and it will generate responses using AI videos.

The next-generation language model is expected to deliver faster responses to inputs and also address ChatGPT’s troubles with delayed responses. 

There are speculations surrounding that OpenAI is all set to develop a GPT-4 powered app through which users will be able to access ChatGPT through their smartphones.

For now, OpenAI has not introduced any app for ChatGPT, making ChatGPT accessible only through web browsers. 

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Introduction of AI-generated videos, music, and more

At the latest event, Microsoft stated the next-generation language model GPT-4 would be “multimodal.” Microsoft Germany’s Director of Business Strategy, Holger Kenn, said GPT-4 will allow AI to translate and transform users’ text requests into images, music, and video form. 

Microsoft also stated an example of how customer care could benefit from the latest GPT-4, as this language model transforms customer and employee’s phone conversations into text automatically.

This can help save time and effort for customer care employees who need to summarize the conversation that took place on the calls.

Apart from customer care many companies and organizations might also benefit from this feature. 

The current version of ChatGPT includes a few limitations such as limited data till 2021, no access to the internet, a bit of delay in responses, and more.

With the new ChatGPT-4 launching soon, it is expected the new language model will overcome all these limitations considering the model is stated to be “multimodal.”

Integration of ChatGPT-4 and Bing? 

Since Microsoft announced the launch of ChatGPT-4 next week, there has been constant speculation regarding the integration of GPT-4 and the Bing web browser. The current version of 

Bing is employing GPT-3 and GPT-3.5. In addition to Microsoft’s technology, Prometheus creates fast responses while utilizing real-time data. Which was highly utilized by users and considered one of the top AI chatbots in the market.  

However, Both Microsoft and OpenAI have stayed silent regarding the integration. Given the latest controversy on the search assistant, it might not be a suitable time.

But it’s likely for Bing to utilize GPT-4 in the future considering the integration of GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and Bing.  

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