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NovelAI is an impressive AI story writer that can help users assist in writing unique stories and novels by maintaining the tone, style, and context. 

About NovelAI

Novel AI is a monthly subscription writing service specially built for AI-assisted authorship, virtual companionship, storytelling, and more. This tool has been powered by an artificial intelligence algorithm that helps generate human-like writing.

This tool has been trained using real literature unlike other AI models such as Google Bard or ChatGPT and provides an unprecedented level of freedom when it comes to writing. 

This tool can easily adapt your writing tone, style, and perspective. Novel AI is an excellent tool that can help construct unique stories, seductive romances, thrilling tales, and more.

You can use this AI writing tool to generate a variety of content such as fanfiction, fantasy, romance, and much more allowing users to explore NSFW content.  

NovelAI Features 

  1. Understand the tone, context, and style 

Novel AI can perfectly understand the writing style, tone, and context of your story, and based on that continue the plot. This way users can co-write the story along with the AI system without worrying about the story going out of tone. 

  1. Storyteller Mode

This mode basically helps users generate their stories from the beginning. Users need to input a short input and based on that NovelAI will generate captivating stories with just a click of a button.  

  1. Allow users to generate NSFW content

Users can explore and unleash their creativity in NovelAI without any restrictions or limits. NoveAI allows users to generate stories and fanfiction on a wide range of topics including explicit and NSFW content so, the writer doesn’t have to limit their ideas.  

  1. Image generating mode 

The image-generating mode of Novel AI is what separates this tool from other AI writing tools. With the help of this mode, users can generate stunning, original, and visually perfect fantasy images for their stories, comics, and novels. This is one of the most stand-out features of NovelAI. 

Novel AI – Use Cases 


Novel AI can help enhance the writing process of authors. Novel AI’s AI system can help work alongside the users and help co-write novels by generating different plots, sequences, character involvement, refining drafts, and helping maintain the overall tone and style of your novel. This way users can easily overcome their writer’s block and generate creative suggestions. 

Genre Analysis 

Platforms like Novel AI can easily analyze the theme and style of users’ writing and existing novels. Hence, it can easily recommend some of the best and most suitable genres of writing styles to authors based on their writing style and preferences. 

Plot Optimization

Novel AI can analyze your story and plot structure. This can help assist authors in the areas where users can make improvements. This way users can add more depth, plot holes, suspense, or thriller angles in the novel to make the story stand out and refine the narrative. 

How to use NovelAI: 

To use NovelAI users don’t need to perform any signing up or login process as this tool. Here’s how you can use it: 

  • You need to start by visiting Novel AI’s site by clicking on this link 
  • Click on “Start writing for free” 
  • Three options will be available: Storyteller, Text adventure, and Image generation
  • For storyteller, users need to start by providing a short input and the storyteller mode will instantly continue your story by maintaining your tone, style, and perspective
  • The Text adventure tool allows the user to play games where users need to generate unique characters and scenarios
  • Lastly, the Image generation option allows users to generate stunning images by providing a text prompt, users can further edit the image by customizing the composition, color, and more. 

Pricing of NovelAI: 

Tablet Scroll Opus 
$10 $15$25

Novel AI Alternatives (Free & Paid) 

Here are the top alternatives of Novel AI that can help you assist in writing excellent stories and suggest creative ideas for your novels. 

  1. Jasper AI 

Jasper AI is an AI writing tool that can generate accurate and high-quality content for you. This platform utilizes machine learning algorithms to generate human-like content from users’ input. This tool can generate marketing copies, blog posts, product descriptions, ad copies, and much more. Jasper AI offers an extensive range of templates, a built-in plagiarism checker, Grammarly, text-to-image generation, and much more. 

Pricing of Jasper AI: 

Jasper AI provides a free 7-day trial period to its new users. While the subscription plan starts from $49/month. 

  1. DeepStory 

DeepStory is one of the notable scriptwriting and story-generating tools in the market. This tool was created around the cross-pollination between human creativity and AI that can help generate impressive AI-driven scripts and stories. This tool helps eliminate the limitation of human imagination by allowing users to collaborate and co-write stories using AI. Users need to simply enter an input and within seconds DeepStory will generate a unique AI story based on your provided prompt. 

Pricing of DeepStory: 

DeepStory’s pricing starts at €12.99/month.

  1. InferKit 

InferKit is a state-of-the-art text generation tool. This is a perfect tool for novelists and writers seeking inspiration. This tool can help users generate unique plot ideas, character development, climax, dialogue generation, and more. The simple and intuitive interface makes it easier for anyone to access InferKit and generate excellent stories effortlessly. This tool also contains a developer-friendly API that can be integrated into a wide range of platforms and applications.

Pricing of InferKit: 

The Basic plan of InferKit is available for $20/month. 


Is there a free version of NovelAI? 

Yes, NovelAI does provide an option through which users can generate stories on NovelAI for free. However, this option comes with only basic features and capabilities available. 

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