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Now You Can Access Google Bard AI Chatbot, It is Public


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Google has recently made its ChatGPT-inspired tool, Bard, available to the public. Although it is still in an early experimental phase, those residing in the United States and the UK can access it by signing up on and joining the waitlist.

They describe Bard as an “early experiment” that allows people to collaborate with AI through natural conversations. Similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing chatbot, it is a language model-based chatbot that allows users to ask questions and refine the answers by asking follow-up queries.

Now You Can Access Google Bard AI Chatbot, It is Public

About Google Bard ai chatbot?

Google Bard is an innovative research language model, essentially a powerful prediction engine. It’s based on the LaMDA technology but has been optimized to be lightweight.

Google Bard is constantly updated with more advanced versions of the model, allowing it to deliver quality content in response to prompts. Some flexibility is included in the selection of words to generate creative responses. As more people interact with it, the LLM gets better and can offer more helpful answers.

Though LLMs are undeniably stimulating, they come with some flaws. Not only can they reinforce existing prejudices through generalizing from biased data, but they can also produce inaccurate, deceiving, or false outcomes while appearing confident in them.

For example, when asked to give tips for low-maintenance house plants, the LLM gave seemingly reliable answers – yet made a mistake such as misidentifying the scientific name of the Zanzibar Gem plant.

How is Google Bard different from ChatGPT and Bing?

Bard’s speed and potential capabilities have made it a key player in the AI conversation space alongside ChatGPT and Bing. While its agility is certainly an advantage, it can’t quite match Bing’s level of detail via its flagging of direct source quotations in news reports. Nonetheless, our preliminary trials revealed that it still has plenty of potentials, even capable of generating lines of code.

Microsoft’s Bing met with much censure because of its unpredictable reactions, which could be seen as a conundrum for Google. Despite receiving reproach for its ungoverned conversations and inappropriate comments, Bing managed to win many people’s affection.

This lively chatbot even procured an illustrious position in the NYT, highlighting its trial-and-error nature. Unfortunately, Bard appears to be without such chaotic energy, which could be helpful.

Bard is a powerful tool offered by Google to invigorate productivity, stimulate creativity, and encourage exploration. It works in a similar manner to OpenAI’s ChatGPT – provide Bard with an assignment or query, such as producing a recipe or organizing an outing, and it will generate multiple drafts of possible answers.

If you don’t like any of these drafts, you can always re-ask the question or use the “Google it” button to refine your inquiry and send it to Google Search. That being said, Bard has a ways to go before it can match the precision of its rivals.

Google Bard Concentrates on User Feedback and Security

Google Bard emphasizes the importance of user feedback and security. The tech giant is relying on manual evaluation to ensure its products are up to their high standards. To protect against misuse or spam, protective measures such as restricting the maximum amount of dialogue exchanges have been implemented.

This move is pivotal because AI has the potential to spread false information or be abused, which is why Google has taken this step.

How to Sign up and Access Google Bard AI?

The AI aficionados have set their sights on the launch of Bard from the Silicon Valley giant, eagerly awaiting how it would compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Google has launched an exclusive early access program for its acclaimed AI platform, Bard.

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Netizens can quickly and easily join the waitlist by visiting the official website and clicking the allocated button. Through this program, users can have a hands-on experience of Bard’s innovative features and capabilities, potentially enabling them to unlock a new era of technological innovation.

Unfortunately, Bard AI’s early access is only available in the United States and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, registering for it is not possible with a Google Workspace account. Consequently, its usage is currently quite limited.

Nevertheless, those interested can still make use of the platform and its features albeit on a restricted basis.

To access the Google bard Ai and join the waitlist, users may be required to use a VPN app in certain regions. Fortunately, the company has promised to extend its services to more countries and languages very soon.

We look forward to seeing Bard available worldwide soon so we can compare it to competitors Bing AI and GPT-4.

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