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Stability AI Launches Stable Doodle Image Generation Model for Artists


Arnold Kirimi

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Stability AI, a trailblazer in AI and technology, has announced the launch of  its groundbreaking creation, Stable Doodle. This innovative image generation model revolutionizes the conversion of sketches into captivating artwork. 

Quick facts:

  • Stability AI introduces Stable Doodle, revolutionizing sketch-to-artwork conversion with precise control and customization.
  • The tool caters to professionals and beginners, generating high-quality personalized artwork effortlessly.
  • Stable Doodle aims to diversify revenue streams for Stability AI, following financial challenges and a successful $25 million funding round.
  • With ambitions to quadruple its valuation of $1 billion, Stability AI embraces inventive solutions and financial resilience.

According to a report by TechCrunch on Thursday, Stable Doodle, the brainchild of Stability AI, empowers users to breathe life into their sketches. Leveraging the powerful Stable Diffusion model, Stable Doodle meticulously analyzes sketch outlines and generates visually pleasing and artistic renditions. 

Stable Doodle Empowers Artists with Innovative Image Generation Model

Whether you’re an experienced artist or a creative enthusiast, Stable Doodle provides a gateway to unlock your imagination and bring your ideas to life. Stable Doodle’s magic lies in its seamless transformation of sketches into captivating images.

By employing the Stable Diffusion XL model and Tencent’s T2I-Adapter control solution, Stable Doodle offers precise control and customization. Users can submit their sketches and provide prompts, such as specific styles or elements, guiding the image generation process. 

The result is a harmonious fusion of human creativity and AI expertise, producing stunning and personalized artwork.

Stability AI’s Stable Doodle aims to democratize the creative process. It caters to both seasoned professionals and novices, eliminating the barriers to producing high-quality images. With Stable Doodle, individuals with basic drawing skills can effortlessly generate original and visually captivating artwork. 

This tool enables designers, illustrators, and professionals from various fields to streamline their workflows, maximize efficiency, and impress clients with remarkable designs.

Stable Doodle’s exceptional capabilities are underpinned by the Stable Diffusion XL model and Tencent’s T2I-Adapter control solution. This powerful combination enables the new tool to understand sketch outlines, interpret prompts, and generate images that embody the desired style. 

While the image generating model offers immense creative possibilities, the output quality is influenced by the initial sketch’s detail, prompt descriptiveness, and complexity of the scene depicted. 

At its launch, Stable Doodle supports 14 distinctive art styles, providing a diverse range of aesthetic options. Stability AI envisions expanding the available styles and exploring tailored use cases for specific industries, such as real estate applications.

Stable Doodle Marks Stability AI’s Path to New Revenue Streams

Stability AI is taking proactive steps to revitalize its commercial activities through the introduction of Stable Doodle.

This innovative offering, although currently available for free with certain limitations, represents Stability AI’s pursuit of fresh revenue sources. Recent reports revealed financial challenges faced by the company, leading to a dedicated search for executives to bolster sales efforts.

In a successful funding round, Stability AI secured $25 million through a convertible note, pushing their total raised capital to over $125 million. However, the company has yet to attract new funding at a higher valuation. 

With a previous valuation of $1 billion, Stability AI has set ambitious goals to quadruple this figure in the near future, signaling their determination to thrive through inventive solutions and financial resilience.

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