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What is X.AI – Elon Musk’s new AI company



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After acquiring Twitter, Elon Musk is set to compete with one of the leading AI companies, Open AI. Elon Musk has recently founded a new company X.AI as a sole director. The company aims to conduct AI research and invent new AI-based tools.

Elon Musk has reportedly raised issues regarding AI and how its development can cause threats to humans. Considering this, it is even more surprising that the Twitter CEO has started an AI research lab to create an AI app called Everything X.

Several rumors were flying online claiming that Elon Musk would establish an AI company to compete with Open AI and Google. This rumor has been proved right with the establishment of X.AI. Keep reading this post to learn more about X.AI.

What is X.AI

What is X.AI?

X.AI is an AI startup founded by Elon Musk. The project has been running secretly since its launch in March 2023.

The company’s filing was reported on March 9 by the Wall Street Journal. X.AI aims to create an app called Everything X. Musk announced this project last year on Twitter. Elon Musk has also changed Twitter’s name to X Corp and moved its headquarters to Nevada.

The company is gathering a team of experts in AI from several other companies. It is open to hiring AI researchers, scientists, engineers, etc.

Where is the X.AI company headquarters?

X.AI is headquartered in Nevada. According to the reports, Musk is the sole director of this company, and Jared Birchall is the company secretary.

What is the X.AI website login?

The X.AI company has been launched recently. So, there is no news regarding its official website and login page.

However, you can find information about X.AI on Elon Musk’s Twitter account. But you’ll have to wait until the official website launch for more details regarding the company, its employees, projects, etc.

What does X.AI stand for?

X.AI is the name given to Elon Musk’s latest AI startup. Musk hasn’t revealed the reason behind choosing this name. But it is anticipated that he has given this name since he plans to build a new project, Everything X under this company.

Other than that, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. That indicates that this startup focuses solely on AI products.

Is there any X.AI stock?

X.AI is a new AI startup founded by Elon Musk. Currently, Elon Musk funds the company. So, you cannot publicly trade for X.AI stock on Stock exchange platforms.

Again, be aware of frauds and scams running on the internet. There isn’t any X.AI stock or IPO listing. If Musk plans to launch X.AI stocks, he will declare the news on his Twitter handle or the company website.

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Can you buy X.AI stock?

X.AI stocks are not officially available for trade on stock exchange platforms. That indicates you cannot buy or sell X.AI stocks using any stock broker account. If anyone tries to sell X.AI stocks, ignore the person since X.AI is not publicly traded. It’s a private company owned by Elon Musk.

Does Elon Musk own other AI companies?

Elon Musk doesn’t own any other AI company. He founded several companies like SpaceX, Tesla, The Boring Company,, and Zip2. He is currently the CEO of Twitter and several other companies. X.AI is his first AI startup which he launched on 9 March 2023. Other than that, Elon Musk has also stepped down from his position as a cofounder or CEO at various companies, including Open AI, ChatGPT’s parent company.

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