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How accurate are Google Bard AI Responses?



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Google has updated its AI-based chatbot, Bard, and launched it with several new features worldwide. The chatbot is now accessible without having to join the waitlist. Despite the new upgrades, Google Bard displays the Experiment label next to its logo.

This label indicates that Bard is still under development, and we can expect new functionalities.

It also brings us to the question that since Bard is an experimental platform, should we rely on Bard’s responses? Are Google Bard AI responses accurate? Continue reading this post, where we have analyzed the accuracy of Google Bard responses.

How accurate are Google Bard AI Responses

Does Bard give accurate answers?

Bard is an experimental chatbot. So, it may provide inaccurate or irrelevant responses sometimes. However, Bard developers have developed the tool with various artificial intelligence techniques and algorithms to deliver the best responses.

You can ask it various questions using clear and appropriate prompts. The platform will process your requests and generate relevant responses.

If you are unsatisfied with the responses or want to give suggestions for improvement, leave feedback. This will help the Bard developer’s team to make Bard a better and more helpful chatbot.

How accurate is Bard AI?

The launch of Bard in February 2023 wasn’t smooth. According to Fortune’s report, the platform generated false narratives for 78 out of 100 questions.

It also gave incorrect responses when asked about the new discoveries made by James Webb Space Telescope. This response affected Alphabet’s stocks which dropped by 7.4%.

Further, compared to Bing Chat, the popular AI chatbot by Microsoft, Bard hallucinates less than Bing. The responses provided by Bing and Bard are comparatively similar. In some cases, Bard out rules Bing, and vice versa.

Aleynda Solis, the founder of Orainte, has compared responses from Bing and Bard in her recent LinkedIn post, where it’s clearly seen that Bard responds accurately to most questions. But it still lacks recent information.

Nevertheless, Bard is still in the experimental phase, and Google is working on improving its accuracy. So, it is anticipated that Bard will provide more accurate responses in the coming months.

Does Bard give safe responses?

Bard is designed to give non-harmful and toxic-free responses. It identifies prompts that trigger violence, harmful, sexually-exploit, and abusive language and denies responding. The platform provides safe and helpful responses to all questions.

The platform is built on several safety principles that ensure users get the best and safest responses to their queries.

Remember, Bard is not 100% safe. It may sometimes generate inaccurate or offensive statements. You can report such responses to Google and help make Bard a better platform.

How Safe is Bard AI?

You can use Bard for text generation, translation, coding, etc. The platform is safe and secure since Google applies its safety and security rules to Bard.

However, sharing personal information with Bard while interacting with the platform is not advised. Google promises to maintain the safety and privacy of its users, but it may sometimes lack behind.

To save yourself from online fraud or scams, it’s best to ask general questions to Bard instead of sharing your personal data. This way, you can stay assured that advertisers or Google won’t misuse your information.

Bard AI vs ChatGPT Accuracy

Google Bard is powered by Google’s latest Large Language Model (LLM), PaLM 2, while ChatGPT uses Open AI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 (for plus members) LLMs.

PaLM 2 is an advanced LLM that accurately responds to reasoning and coding questions. It also translates content more accurately.

Besides, Bard has access to the internet and it is also free. That means it can browse the internet to give the latest and most accurate information based on Google search results. PaLM 2 LLM is also trained with information up to February 2023. 

GPT-3.5 is trained with information upto September 2021. It doesn’t know anything after 2021. Whenever you ask questions regarding the latest event or topic, it will give incorrect responses or deny answering the questions.

Again, the responses are similar when Bard is compared to ChatGPT-4, the premium ChatGPT version. Both platforms hallucinate lesser. They give faster and more accurate responses to most questions, including the ones related to recent events.

Overall, Bard offers far more accurate responses, and the new features of Google Bard makes it beat ChatGPT.

Before you learn to use Google Bard, make sure to sign up and Login to google Bard.


Bard AI is worth trying chatbot for language and text generation tasks. You can use it for several purposes. But like other AI chatbots, relying on Bard’s responses is not recommended. You must verify the factual information and double-check the responses before using them for your work.

Most of the responses generated by Bard are safe and accurate, ideal for business, academic, or personal purposes. However, if you get irrelevant responses or have suggestions, leave feedback for the Bard team. This will help them improvise Bard, making it more accurate and helpful for worldwide users.

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