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Is Bard Available in Canada



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Google announced various new updates regarding its upcoming inventions and Bard at the Google I/O Conference 2023. One of the major news reports at this conference was the expansion of Bard to over 180 countries.

Google has removed Bard’s waitlist feature, allowing users to access the platform immediately after creating an account.

Surprisingly, the list of countries where Google Bard is available doesn’t include Canada. While Google’s CEO hasn’t yet said anything about excluding Canada from the list, many people anticipate that it is due to regulatory issues. Continue reading this guide for more information on why Bard is unavailable in Canada.

Is Bard Available in Canada

Is Bard Available in Canada?

Unfortunately, Google Bard is not available in Canada. Canadian users will have to wait a few more days or months to access Bard in their country. You cannot access Bard in Canada via the waitlist or official website. However, Bard is not banned in Canada, so hopefully, Google will soon release Bard for Canadian residents.

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Why is Bard Not Available in Canada?

Google omitted Bard from the list of countries where Bard is available. But the company hasn’t mentioned anything regarding the same.

It has hinted that the company is making Bard accessible to other countries slowly based on the country’s regulatory compliances. Google is also collaborating with experts to ensure Bard follows country-specific regulations before its release.

It is worth noting that Canada has recently set up an investigation team on ChatGPT. The team is studying ChatGPT and its usage to ensure ChatGPT users’ privacy remains safe and the platform doesn’t use user data illegally.

It is anticipated that Google will postpone Bard’s release in Canada to ensure no such issue is raised against the platform.

Google is trying to make Bard a safe and secure AI tool that ensures users’ privacy and security. It is anticipated that Google will release Bard in Canada after ensuring that it meets all the local requirements of Canada.

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How to Access Bard in Canada Even After Unavailability

Do you still want to access Bard in Canada despite its unavailability? You can do it using VPNs! VPNs allow users to unblock geo-restricted apps and browse the internet privately. You can use various VPN services to access Bard in Canada.

For example, SurfShark, Nord VPN, and Express VPN. All these platforms offer access to Bard in Canada, but you must purchase their subscription.

After subscribing to a VPN, you can access Bard for free in Canada. Below are the steps to access Bard using a VPN service:

Step 1: Choose a VPN service provider supporting Bard in Canada and visit its website.

Step 2: Sign up for the VPN by entering your personal details.

Step 3: Install the VPN on your device.

Step 4: Select a VPN server from the list of available locations. Make sure to select a location that supports Bard. For example, the US, Australia, etc.

Step 5: Wait for the connection to establish.

Step 6: Search for Bard or visit its official website ( and sign up for a new account. You can now enjoy using Bard in Canada without interruptions or restrictions.

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