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Sudowrite AI is your AI-based novel writing buddy that generates ideas and aligns them to create a compelling story.


About Sudowrite AI

Sudowrite AI is the go-to option for writers seeking help for their upcoming stories, suffering from writer’s block, or looking for creative ideas. The tool creates outlines, rewrites stories, generates characters, and suggests feedback. It has every feature a writer needs to write a draft from scratch to final publishing.

Besides stories, Sudowrite can suggest names, plot ideas, and words to include in the content. The tool can save writers time by generating impressively long content in a few minutes.

The downside of Sudowrite AI is that it doesn’t have an inbuilt plagiarism checker. So, users need to use external plagiarism checkers to determine the uniqueness of the generated content.

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Company NameAmit Gupta and James Yu
Launch Date2020
CategoryAI Story Writing Tools

Sudowrite AI Features

Sudowrite AI has various features for writers and novelists to generate captivating stories. Some striking features of Sudowrite AI include the following:

  • Sudowrite AI can generate upto a 1000 words outline for stories as a first draft.
  • The tool can expand the written content or suggest improvements to make it better.
  • The tool can rewrite an entire story to make it more creative.
  • The Describe feature generates words to describe an object, event, or place.
  • Sudowrite can brainstorm ideas for almost any topic.
  • Sudowrite can summarize the entire story or novel. You can ask it to summarize all the chapters together or one at a time.
  • Sudowrite can generate characters for stories and even show relations between each character.

Sudowrite AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Sudowrite AI can be used by individuals and business owners in different industries. Below are some applications of the Sudowrite AI tool:

  • Authors can use Sudowrite to write and share novels, blogs, or stories.
  • Screenwriters can use Sudowrite to write scripts.
  • It can be used to write short stories.
  • Marketers can use Sudowrite to generate marketing ideas and stories to connect with their audience.
  • Poets can use Sudowrite to compose poems.

Sudowrite AI Pricing

Sudowrite AI offers the following three pricing plans:

  • Hobby and Student – $10 per month – Generates 10,000 words monthly.
  • Professional – $20 per month – Generates 90,000 words monthly.
  • Max – $100 per month – Generates 300,000 words monthly.

The platform also offers a free trial for users to explore the platform without purchasing a plan. Enterprise owners can also contact the support team for customized plans.


Who owns the content written by Sudowrite?

Sudowrite doesn’t impose any right on the content generated by the platform. You can use the content and publish it anywhere under your name. Sudowrite content is copyright-free, and no one can claim it.

Is Sudowrite content plagiarism-free?

Producing plagiarized content is against Sudowrite’s policy. Sudowrite plagiarizes content only when you force it to do. In most cases, the content written by Sudowrite is plagiarism-free. However, it is encouraged to use plagiarism checker tools to check the uniqueness of the content.

How can I cancel my Sudowrite subscription?

You can cancel your Sudowrite subscription anytime, regardless of your plan validity. To cancel the subscription, go to the subscription page by clicking your profile icon and selecting the Cancel plan option. Your plan will be terminated immediately. No need for additional information.

Can I still access my work after cancelling my Sudowrite subscription?

Sudowrite doesn’t delete your work even when you cancel your subscription. You can still access it using your account credentials. Cancelling your subscription will only prevent you from using the platform to generate additional content.

How long is the Sudowrite free trial?

The Sudowrite free trial is for three days. After three days, you must purchase a plan or stop using the platform. Also, the free trial offers limited features, so you’ll need to get the premium plans to access the full software features.


Sudowrite is the saviour of every writer struggling with writer’s block! It helps in generating story outlines and scripts and rewriting content. You can also use it to generate plot ideas,  characters, and twisting plots.

Sudowrite is not limited to writing stories. It can generate feedback and make writing fun! If you are stuck writing a draft, create a Sudowrite account today and see how this tool instantly generates compelling content. You can try it for free or purchase one of its plans.

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