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Microsoft’s new AI tool converts text to speech using only a short audio sample of 3 seconds.

About Vall-E AI

Vall-E AI is an AI-based text-to-speech converter developed by Microsoft. The tool converts text input into audio and matches it to the person’s emotions and the room’s acoustics. It can convert text into anyone’s voice using a short audio sample of three seconds. The tool is not yet released to the general public, but its features have already made it a trending online talk.

Vall-E AI can record the speaker’s speech and use it as a sample to produce output. The developers say that Vall-E is trained with approximately 60,000 hours of audio content in English to provide accurate outputs for the given textual input.

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Company NameMicrosoft
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Vall-E AI Features

Vall-E AI is a text-to-speech synthesizer with impressive audio generation capabilities. The tool is trained using a large dataset to produce accurate results. Below are some highlights of Vall-E AI features.

  • It is trained with 60,000 hours of English speech data from more than 7,000 speakers.
  • It uses a minimum of three seconds of audio input to mimic the speaker’s voice and produces outputs in the same voice.
  • It produces much better results than the Librispeech and VCTK text-to-speech tools.
  • Vall-E AI can understand and add emotions to the generated speech.
  • Vall-E AI can mimic the target voice’s room acoustic and add it to the speech. Say, if a sample voice has the sounds of birds chirping in the background, the tool will add the sound to the generated audio.
  • Vall-E can edit the audio clips.

Vall-E AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Vall-E AI can be used in various industries, especially those that offer customer service or produce content. Some applications of the Vall-E AI tool include the following:

  • It can be integrated into customer support systems or virtual assistants to provide voice-based customer service.
  • Content creators can use Vall-E to add audio to videos or produce audio-based content like podcasts using pre-written text.
  • Vall-E can be used as a voice artist to mimic the voices of real people like actors, politicians, musicians, etc.
  • Vall-E can be integrated into robotic systems to interact with humans.

Vall-E AI Pricing

Vall-E AI is not available for public use. Microsoft is still testing its features. So, they haven’t released information regarding its pricing structure yet.


Is Vall-E AI released publicly?

As of now, Microsoft’s Vall-E is not publicly available. Users cannot access this tool or its beta version online. Microsoft is testing its features but hasn’t provided details regarding the official release date of Vall-E. So, users will have to wait until Vall-E is officially launched online.

Can AI mimic human voice?

Of course, AI can mimic human voices. In January 2023, Microsoft announced a new AI text-to-speech converter, Vall-E, that converts textual input into voice output. This tool listens to the audio sample and generates speech in the same tone, voice, and emotion.

Can Vall-E AI understand languages other than English?

As per the information given by Microsoft, Vall-E AI is trained using 60,000 hours of English speech data. So, the tool can only understand and produce audio in English. Developers may add other languages in the future, but it is currently limited to English users only.

Can Vall-E AI understand emotions?

Yes, Vall-E AI can understand the speaker’s emotions and mimic them. Whenever you give the tool an audio sample, it will analyze the speaker’s emotions and generate the output in the same emotion unless specified.

Is Vall-E AI safe to use?

Vall-E is a safe online tool. However, Vall-E AI’s capability to mimic the speaker’s voice, emotions, and the room acoustic might cause a threat to humans. It can cause fraud and harm users’ privacy. So, be careful while sharing personal information on this tool.


Vall-E is anticipated to be one of the noteworthy inventions in the AI sector. It will be a powerful text-to-speech converter producing high-quality audio content. It will be helpful for voiceover artists, business owners, and individuals in various manners. You can use it for business or personal use.

However, this tool has several downsides. Its capability to mimic any voice can cause threats to humans and increase fraud. Hopefully, Microsoft will consider all these factors and impose necessary regulations before releasing the tool for public use.

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